Do you want to learn how to draw? Are you finding perspective challenging or your composition is just not looking right?

I’ve compiled a reference list of posts on drawing & composition below, so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Urban Sketching

Free Drawing Video Tutorials

Guest Posts

Here is a list of a few of my guest posts, (in reversed order, so the most recent post is first).
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Online Courses


  •  Absolute Beginners Drawing Class – Over 4 hours of video tuition demonstration. Step-by-step beginners drawing course. Develop your skills and understand the secrets behind drawing.

How to sketch Landscapes

  • Beginners Landscape Sketching Course – Ever felt daunted at the thought of sketching outside? This course takes you through a simple approach for creating quick sketches outdoors for your paintings and capturing the atmosphere of a scene. We step out of the studio and into the landscape working with pens, watercolours and pencils.

How to draw shading

  • How to Draw Light and Shadow – Over 2 hours of drawing tuition focusing on developing the shading and tone in your drawings. We introduce new materials such as Charcoal, tonal paper and chalk. This course is a great ‘in-between’ introduction to painting if you’ve only worked in pencil as it shows many things to be aware of when creating a successful painting, but using charcoal.


  • Urban Sketching for Beginners  Imagine becoming an artist where your inspiration comes from observing your everyday life. Bustling crowds, interesting architecture, and wonky lampposts would become your subjects and a fine-line pen your only drawing tool. Creating a visual diary of the world around you, developing the daily practice of recording the story of your life through sketches, is what’s so exciting about ‘urban sketching’.