How to draw

Ever wanted to learn how to draw?

Have you daydreamed of picking up a pencil and sketching? But inside there is a lingering doubt.
A distant memory of a school teacher who told you once you were bad at art. An inner critic that holds you back…. Even before you begin.

But what if you could learn to draw? Wouldn’t you give it a try?

How to draw for beginners

I believe anyone can learn how to draw.

Drawing is not about talent; it’s about practice and developing your skills. Success comes down to understanding the perceptions behind drawing, rather than how to hold a pencil. (See: The 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Draw)

Once you’ve learnt the key drawing concepts, clear explanations and logical progression can guide you to make drawing easy.
You can start sketching with pencils, pens, or markers. With a few art supplies and a sketchpad, you start to make drawing part of your daily practice.

Below are step-by-step tutorials, articles and courses built on the simple principles of shape, simplicity and structure – combining drawing theory and practical drawing practice.

There are urban sketching lessons, using pens and watercolours. Light and shadow lessons using charcoal and graphite and articles on the fundamentals of perspective, how to shade and create the illusion of form.

You’ll learn about line, value, tone, negative space, and perspective and come away with the confidence to start making drawing a daily habit. The Absolute Beginners Drawing Course is a great place to understand the fundamentals.


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