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All of my teachings are online. My painting studio is based in the U.K but I don’t currently run any live classes from there.

Step-by-step online acrylic video lessons and written articles based on classical painting fundamentals, perfect for the absolute beginner. I simplify complex subjects so that even a novice can produce a painting to be proud of.

I don’t currently run any live classes, all of the teachings are online. If this changes, I will add details on the blog and send updates through the art school newsletter.

Yes, I’m always delighted to see students success stories from the courses and hear your creative triumphs! Just attach your finished painting to an email and send it to me direct: [email protected].

No. I don’t run a student forum on the blog.

Due to the number of requests I receive, I don’t offer a student critique service

If you have a painting related question they are best added as a comment to an article, then the question will have a context and other students can benefit from the answers. Since the blog started I have personally answered over 10,000 comments on the blog.

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I’ve put together a Free 50-page PDF Guide, designed to show you how the different areas of the Will Kemp Art School fit together, from the principles behind my teaching, to how to find the perfect course for you. Just click on the link to download it

No. Each course is a one-time payment, yours to keep forever.

As many times as you like! Once downloaded they are yours to keep forever.

When you purchase a course, you’ll receive an Order Receipt containing all your downloadable video links, JPEG reference images and PDF files for the course, as an email.

You then have to download and save the video lessons onto your home computer or laptop. Once you have saved the files, you can watch them as many times as you like, whenever you like, forever.

Don’t worry at all, just drop me an email and I can send you through fresh links.

You can pay using Paypal or your Credit/Debit Card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Credit Cards

When you’ve purchased a course, an itemized PDF Invoice and order receipt will arrive in your inbox, you can print this out.

Yes, you can download the files directly to a USB flash drive that will give you portability and extra storage. Sandisk make good USB sticks.

No, the courses are only available as an instant download video file.

Yes, however, not all DVD players will playback MP4 video files.

Many DVD players will say MP4 on the front tray, for example, ‘DVD/Audio CD/DivX/MP4/MP3/’

There are a couple of options if your DVD player does not support MP4s

1. Playback the DVD on your computer or laptop

Check you are using a DVD-R disc, a CD-R will often just record the audio.

If you burn the MP4 files onto a DVD and then play the DVD on your computer or laptop it should play without a problem if you have a media player that supports MP4s.

(If you need to update your media player, you can download a good one here:

VLC media player (free) VLC Media Player

2. DVD playback on a DVD player with a file Converter

Some older DVD player do not support MP4 because MP4 is a format with different decodes. If you have an older DVD player you will have to convert the files using free software.

The MP4 to DVD converter from is a good choice.


Check that the email hasn’t gone to your spam folder. The downloads should come through shortly after paying.

If you still can’t see them then drop me an email and I’ll soon get you painting (I’ve yet to have a download that hasn’t been solved!)

P.S. If it’s in the middle of the night U.K time (G.M.T) I’ll get on the case as soon as I’ve eaten my toast!

The video files (called MP4 files) will play on 95% of computers/laptops using the media player that is already installed on them. If you have earlier software or an older computer that doesn’t have a media player, you can download one for free.

VLC media player (free) VLC Media Player-

Apple Quicktime –

Windows 7 can sometimes have trouble reading MP4 files, but if you download a new free media player that will solve the problem. Once installed on your computer, you should be able to view the videos.


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If you have any painting related questions, they are best added as a comment to an article, then other students can benefit from the answers.

My direct email is:

[email protected]


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