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Will Kemp, Artist & founder of the Will Kemp Art School

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I’m Will Kemp, award-winning professional artist & teacher and I’d like to welcome you to my website!

I teach simple step-by-step lessons based on Classical painting fundamentals, perfect for the absolute beginner.

I cover materials, colour mixing and brush handling techniques, giving you a great understanding of acrylics that will lay the foundation for all your future works.

If you’re a beginner to acrylics or visiting for the first time, you may be wondering where to start. On this blog you’ll find drawing and acrylic painting articles, free video lessons with encouragement for days when you’re facing a blank canvas and feeling a little bit daunted.

Lessons that teach new techniques and inspire you to start!

I’ve put together a Free 50-page PDF Guide you can download, designed to show you how the different areas of the Will Kemp Art School fit together, from the principles behind my teaching, to how to find the perfect course for you.

I also answer some of the most frequently asked questions, so you don’t miss a crucial step in your creative journey.

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A simple approach to classical painting

One of the biggest myths in art is that only some people can draw & paint.

People say it is just too hard for anyone to paint and only ‘real’ artists born with talent, can produce good work.

I started the Will Kemp Art School to prove that this is just not true.

It’s simple, step-by-step and easy to understand.

With over 24 million Youtube views (Acrylic Painting Video Channel) and 280,000+ subscribers, you can join other aspiring artists who are unlocking their hidden painting skills by learning the secrets of the Old Masters.

A Royal Seal of Approval

Prior to painting full time, I’ve worked with Museums such as the National Gallery, London & Tate

I’ve taught in schools, set up and ran my own art gallery and have taught hundreds of people to paint and draw alongside studying conceptual art and most things in-between.

Then I received the letter.

You know the ones you don’t really think exist. It was a letter wax sealed with a Royal Crest.

Had I been asked to paint the Queen?

Not quite, but for me, the prize was even better.

I’d been awarded a Queen Elizabeth Craft Scholarship to study Classical Portraiture in Florence, Italy.

I could finally put all the pieces of historical information I’d put together myself, into an order that worked for me.

I studied traditional Atelier painting techniques at the Angel Academy of Art, Florence and with Nick Beer at the Sarum Studio,

It changed the way I painted and cemented my existing practice.

will kemp qest craft scholar

Awarded a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship from the Duchess of Northumberland

I’ve painted in watercolours, acrylics and oils and my styles have ranged from abstract, and impressionistic to realistic portraiture to realize my own personal style.

This site has come about as a promise to my students who have been waiting to continue their studies!

I love paint, I love colour, and I love teaching people how to paint.

Take a deep breath, grab a brew (and a couple of chocolate biscuits) and we’re going to walk through the layers of learning and the perfect lesson for you, even if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush before.

Hope you enjoy the articles and course if you have any questions just leave a comment on one of the posts, happy painting!