Still Life Acrylic Masterclass Course is Live!


New Still Life Acrylic Masterclass Course

Morning class!  The Still Life Masterclass in Acrylics course is now available, whoo hoo!

Have you ever asked yourself :
How do I make my paintings look more professional?

At some point in every artist’s development you get to a stage where your paintings are looking pretty good, you can see your improvement from where you first began but some tricky subjects still elude you.

You’ve got a basic understanding of colour mixing, paint application and your drawing’s sound but you want to take your work to the next level.

I’ve created this Classical Still Life Masterclass with acrylics, to help aspiring artists to bring their paintings to a more professional finish.

We deal with the more complex subject of reflective surfaces such as Silver, Ceramic & Mahogany using an extended palette and multi-layered glazing techniques.
Here’s a brief video intro to the course:

My Still Life Masterclass Course and is now available and you can learn more and join the course by just clicking this link

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How to Paint Glass & Reflections with Acrylics – Part 3 of 3


In Part 1 we looked at how to master the basic features of your digital camera, so you can emulate how your eyes see things in nature to give you fantastic reference photographs for your still life painting.

In Part 2 we saw how small incremental changes in your composition and lighting can instantly create a more dramatic and pleasing image for a painting.

So for Part 3, we’re on to the painting…

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How to shoot stunning still life set ups for your paintings – Part 1 of 3

photographing still life WillKemp

Will Kemp, Still Life with Figs, Photograph, 2012

Have you ever got out your digital camera to take a shot of your still life set up and been sorely disappointed with the results?

Your photo looks washed out, or too dark or the flash had popped up and flattened the whole scene.

You’re not alone in the quest for a simple formula to create great reference photographs for your paintings.

You might have tried turning the dial to the ‘manual’ mode, fired off a few shots, got disheartened, only to return to the safe haven of the ‘flower setting’ or ‘Auto’ on the dial.

Understanding the manual functions of your digital camera can be a liberating experience and can greatly improve the framing of your paintings.

Or maybe you’ve never used your camera to help with your paintings but you’d like to learn how…

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What is the best background colour for your studio walls & why does it matter?

artist studio wall colour

One of the most common colour questions I get asked on the Art School is “How do I choose the right colour to paint my coloured ground?”

But before I tackle that subject in more detail, I wanted to look at an often overlooked subject, studio wall colour.

To answer the previous question completely, you should be thinking of your studio space as a whole.

The colours that surround you in your studio space influence the perceptions of the colour on your canvas and are often the secret source to effective classical painting.

It isn’t as glamorous as the actual painting, however, getting it wrong can throw your eye out without you even realizing it…

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French Café Scene with Acrylics Tutorial – Free video Course Part 5 of 5

painting materials tea

Essential acrylic painting starter set!

This is the final part of the painting and we can start to reap the rewards from our careful underpainting and patience.

If you’ve just stumbled on the tutorial you can catch up below:

This week we start to introduce a brighter red and a yellow…French Café Scene with Acrylics Tutorial – Free video Course Part 5 of 5

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French Café Scene with Acrylics Tutorial – Free video Course Part 4 of 5

painting trees in acrylics

A step-by-step French Café Scene acrylic painting

In these tutorials I will be posting a series of videos on my YouTube channel that you can follow along at home. It’s free to subscribe to the website so you can keep updated with the painting progress.French Café Scene with Acrylics Tutorial – Free video Course Part 4 of 5..

You can watch Part 1 & 2 of the painting demonstration  and Part 3 French cafe

This week we start to introduce a red and a yellow…French Café Scene with Acrylics Tutorial – Free video Course Part 4 of 5

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