Acrylic Palette Knife Painting Techniques – Free Video Course Part 4 of 4

personal style in painting

Bringing Personality to your Painting

In the final stages of any painting, it’s a case of viewing your piece as a whole and adjusting details or adding more saturated colour to create a harmony and balance.

You’ll be painting more instinctively, rather than methodically and putting a stamp of your own personal style within it.

Students often ask, ‘How do I develop my own style?’

And the answer is quite simple.

You already have it – even though you might not think it…

Just as our written signatures all vary, so does the handling of a paintbrush, favorite colour palettes and the subjects we choose to paint.

If you look at some student success with one of my previous Cherry tutorials, it is clear to see everyone’s unique style coming through, even though the starting point, step-by-step instruction, and reference image were exactly the same for everyone.

However, these individual qualities are not set in stone, both new artistic techniques and life experiences shape our interests, outlook and style of work.

Artists should continually grow, so don’t become too precious about your paintings, experimenting with different mediums and techniques might put you into unknown artistic territory that could shape your next piece.

Picasso, who created tens of thousands of artworks, went from his early classical works through his ‘Blue period’, ‘Rose Period’ and onto his ‘Black Period’ in a few short years.

Picasso self-portrait-uncombed-hair

Picasso, Self Portrait, 1896

Picasso blue period life

Picasso, La Vie, 1903

Picasso rose period woman-crow

Picasso, Woman with a crow, 1904

Picasso black period bust-woman-1907

Picasso, Bust of Woman, 1907

Picasso cubism Woman-Playing-Mandolin

Picasso, Woman playing the Mandolin, 1910

So embrace your own style, enjoy using the palette knife and putting the final flourishes to the palette knife study, even if it feels a little bit out of your comfort zone!

How to paint with a palette knife –  Free acrylic video Course |Part 4

This video below shows the final steps of this palette knife landscape tutorial.

If you want to brush up on your colour theory, you should have a look at my Simple Colour Mixing Course.

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  1. Thanks again!
    I am now inspired to paint an abstract image in oils with the palette knife..yippee!
    Robin Mize

    1. Good one Robin, pleased to hear it. You might be interested in this documentary on Gerhard Richter, a fab painter who has taken abstract palette knife paintings to a whole new level!


  2. First let me say, that I loved that little injection of humour with the video. Good stuff.

    And, of course, I thank you for that very generous tutorial video series Will. So helpful, you are a pleasure to watch, and a great instructor. Will miss you and hope to see you again soon.

    Sherrill, Montreal

    1. Cheers Sherrill, hope it helps get through those times when paintings don’t quite go to plan! Thanks for your kind words on the tutorials.


  3. Thanks Will! I just loved it! I will definitely look at it a few times. So much appreciated.

  4. Wow! As a newcomer to Acrylics I found this so inspiring (and encouraging) I’m quite nervous about trying the palette knife but will give it a go and try to have fun. Thanks so much Will
    Hoping for more of the same, Sheila

    1. Thanks Shelia, it can be scary to start with a palette knife but you’ll soon get the hang of it! have a go, have fun, it’s the best way to learn.


  5. I love that painting – it reminds me of Donegal

    thank you for a great demo and for being so kind in sharing your skills

    1. Thanks Norah, the view is on the coast of Broadford on the Isle of Skye,

  6. I enjoyed the palette knife tutorial thoroughly. Also had a great laugh at the end with the funny video about adding black. I have done that myself many times . Thanks for this inspirational tutorial.

    1. Your welcome Garmima, pleased you enjoyed it!


  7. Hey Will. I just love your sense of humor. And, again, thank you for sharing your skills. You give such encouragement to me to try something completely different. Love the Picasso memory lane.
    Patsy Ann

    1. Thanks Patsy, great to hear you feel encouraged to give a new technique a try.


  8. What’s for tea mother – Pins ?
    Haven’t seen that for years. It makes me want to get the black paint out …

  9. Dear Will, so enjoyed your acrylic pallete knife painting video thank you for sharing your wants me to wonderful knowledge I would like to see you do a portrait in acrylics my granddaughter wants me to paint her, the photo is taken in her garden so a lot of green. What colour would I have to paint my canvas so I am not painting on a white canvas do you have any advice? regards Joyce

    1. Hi Joyce,

      Pleased to hear you’ve been enjoying the series of videos.

      Blending with oils is alot easier than with acrylics, and I find if you’re first starting portraits having the extra time to blend is crucial to achieve a realistic portrait.

      Often, the main issues beginners have with portraits are skin tones and edges – the skin tones are too intense in colour and the edges are too hard.

      Working with acrylics can be a bit of adjustment because they dry so quickly but can be done if you’re working on a smaller scale.

      You could use either a neutral grey (Raw umber & white mix) or because you will have a lot of green in the painting try using a Renaissance technique called ‘Verdaccio green. A muted green that was traditionally created from a mixture of Mars Black & Yellow Ochre is used to establish tonal values in the underpainting so when you paint the skintones they really glow out against the green.



  10. Hi Will thanks for the johny nice painter made me smile which is always good. The pallet knife painting has given me ideas,!! Thanks once again. I am enjoying you colour mixing course, it has helped already.

    1. Hi Sue, thanks for dropping by, pleased Johnny nice made you smile! great to hear the colour mixing course has helped.


  11. Thank you Will. It was an excellent tutorial; I enjoyed it and I’m very pleased with the outcome. I had only viewed tutorials one and two but your e-mail with the third tutorial
    motivated me to squeeze out paint, and actually paint. ( Very happy I did. ) I then looked forward to the fourth tutorial to complete the painting.

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Really pleased you enjoyed the series, and took the plunge with getting the paints out!


  12. your such a great painter,your a big help for everyone who wants to learn painting like me…i am a beginner.

    1. Thanks Shanna,

      Pleased you’re enjoying the website!



  13. You have such a great teaching style. Very inviting. As a novice, I find that you give the right amount of information without overwhelming. You make it relaxed and fun, like it should be. Now, time for a cup of tea, a biscuit and a brush!

    1. You’ve got it Pearl!
      An artist always paints looking for the next tea and biscuit break! So pleased you’re finding the tutorials fun and inspiring, that’s how great paintings are made.



  14. Hi Will. I never had any tertiary training in painting, and are always looking for more study material. I found you, and are so glad, you are an amazing teacher, and I just love the fact that you are willing to share your knowledge. Even better, little tricks that would have taken me years to figure out for myself!

    Thanks for encourage people like me on the other side of the earth!

    1. Cheers Elsebe, lovely to hear from you!

      Really glad you’re finding the tutorials helpful and gaining new knowledge in painting,

      Thanks again,


  15. Hi Will,
    Thanks for making it possible for an amateur like me to begin to paint. Your method is simple and you take your time to explain us almost everything. I will surely do the cherry painting too these days, to exercice.
    Svetlana from Brussels

    1. Hi Svetlana, thanks for dropping by. Really pleased you’re enjoying the tutorials, let me know how your cherry painting turns out.


  16. Hi Will,
    Thank you so much for this website and the fabulous tutorials. I have just started painting for the first time, (had some acrylic paints bought for my 50th birthday). I’m addicted now and have found your site so helpful. I did the Monet tutorial first and actually produced something I could put on the wall! Felt such an achievement. Just about to have a go at the palette knife tutorials which takes me completely out of my comfort zone with my paint brush!!

    1. Hi Karen,

      Thanks for dropping by, and for letting me know of your Monet painting achievement, good one! Tackling a palette knife for the first time is a step into the unknown, but can really add a new dimension to your painting.

      Looking forward to hearing how it turns out.

  17. Hello Will

    I happened to see your website yesterday and spent almost whole day watching your inspirational painting videos. I have done mainly watercolor in the past, but today I finished my first still life acrylic painting (challenged by the quick drying medium and mixing the color I want, needs lots of, lots of practice..), but I am very happy that your painting has truly inspired me!

    Painting is a way of healing and find out who I really am. Thank you indeed for sharing your knowledge and passion!


    1. Hi Jasmine,

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment, it can feel a little strange when trying acrylics from watercolour, but great to hear you’ve had your first success with your first still life painting!
      Really pleased you’ve been inspired.


  18. Hi Will, I found your pallete knive painting very interesting, making me wanting to have a go. Although I have watched the way you painted but I have missed hearing your comments as I am profoundly deaf from birth. I have had an unused pallet knive still in a box for over 50 years and I would like to have a go. Would it be a good idea to have a subtitles on to help other deaf artists like myself to follow through. Regards Robbie

    1. Hey Robbie,

      Glad you found the tutorial interesting and hopefully inspired you to get that palette knife into action!

      Transcribing the videos is on my to do list, as yes I agree, having the subtitles would really help.

      There are some subtitles on some of my earlier videos on youtube,

      Hope this helps,


  19. Hi Will
    Thank you for sharing your inspiring video on palette knife painting series. I am new to painting and found your tutorial helpful for both technique and process, but also with observing your view and interpretation of this picture. I completed my first painting last Christmas in knife painting and it turned out well, which was prior to discovering your website. I am now hooked on the impasto style and I have many more paintings in my imagination waiting to be created, but I’ve been held back as I just wasn’t sure about the entire process when the image becomes more complicated with detail. It was very helpful to see your inspirational picture and how you began and completed the journey. Thank you for being so gracious and generous with sharing your talent – allowing others to be inspired so they can unleash their creativity too. A wonderful website – thank you so much!

    1. Hi Corie,

      Thanks for your lovely comments, really pleased to hear you’ve been inspired by the tutorial and have been enjoying creating with a palette knife!

      Thanks again,

  20. Hi Will,
    It is really extraordinary how you painted this landscape using such vibrant colors. When I look at the reference photo, I see mostly soft cool colors with a few muted warm colors in the foreground. But you really took it to another level and made the painting exciting and interesting to look at. Your color choice adds energy to a rather ordinary scene. Thanks for sharing your artistic talent and knowledge. This really gives me some new ideas of what to paint next.

    1. Good one Jenny, pleased you enjoyed it.


  21. he4llo there Will,

    You have some talent & what great videos of yours I have watched so far.
    I enjoye4d watching them & now I am looking forward to starting the actual painting already.

    Keep it up.

    I will let you know when I have started painting landscapes.

    Phillip Longley.

  22. Enjoy a craftsman of any kind doing their work. I am 77 and I should take up farming, everything I paint turns to mud. H L

    1. Ha ha! Hope you’re finding the lessons helpful in turning that mud into gold!

  23. Thanks so much Will, now I am inspired to use a palette knife! It will be a first because I have always been to scared before, but now I am ready to have a go.

    Thanks again,

    Cathy Joy.

  24. Hi Will
    really enjoyed trying the palette knife painting. It just proves that you don’t need amazingly beautiful photographs to produce an interesting and individual piece.
    The photos to print off are brilliant as it is very difficult to find the time to take your own.
    Keep’em coming!

    1. Hi Cheryl, so pleased you enjoyed the tutorial and experimenting with a palette knife, there is a new tutorial coming this week!

  25. Thank you for all your tutorials, Will, I have gone through your introduction to acrylics course which I found really helpful, and now I have had a go at this one and I am really pleased with it. It really helped me get the hang of the palette knife – a bit tricky but such fun! You are a great teacher, keep it up!

    1. Hi Frances,

      Great to hear from you and so pleased you’ve been enjoying the course, glad you found the palette knife lesson helpful.


  26. Thank you so much for a such great tutorial and sharing it!
    I’m learning to paint with palette knife with oil paint and your tutorial gives so much knowledge and inspiration. I’m so glad that I found it and I’ll definitely use some of your tips in my next painting.
    I’m really amazed how you could see all colours in that photograph…it’s a talent

    1. Really pleased you found the methods helpful for your oil painting Nelly, glad it helped.

  27. Will,
    I am just a true novice but your video is really inspiring. Thank you for your wonderful expertise, your calm easy-going approach and your humor. They seem to be your other palette that you also mix so well.

    1. Really pleased you enjoyed it Jack!

  28. Hi Will,
    First time lurker / stumbled across your site and wanted to say thank you.

    I’ve been trying to paint with watercolours on and off (mostly off) for sometime and just constantly get frustrated with the “the let the paint do the work” aspect to the point it just makes me sad now :) .
    Whilst I love some of the effects of watercolour I’m beginning to suspect its just not direct enough for me and that I may never master it(me) so I’ve been searching for a medium that is more in line with natural inclinations.

    I am not a details person and have always been drawn to texture and abstract/painterly/loose styles which brings me here.

    Your post had me mesmerised(even the leftover palette :) ). I’m conscious that I don’t want to jump from medium to medium but I would love to try acrylics with a knife so will hang around for a bit and consume as much of your site as possible.
    thanks again.

    1. Hi Stephen, happy new year! so pleased you’ve been enjoying the articles and seeing the effects of palette knife painting, glad you’ve been finding it helpful.

  29. Hello Will
    I just “finished” this study, (a newcomer to painting) although I see so 10000things that I could change and do better. But I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the work, I really like the palette knife approach. You have a great way to teach :-) and I feel that this will be something I want to develop more when I stop working soon. Thanks to you!
    And thanks again

    1. That’s fab to hear Claudia, so glad you enjoyed the lesson and are feeling inspired.

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