Students Success Stories – Cherry Painting

Students Success Stories – Cherry Painting

Below is a gallery of students’ acrylic paintings inspired by the Cherry Still Life Tutorial. Some of the paintings are students’ first ever, a real achievement!

Andy Griffiths

Martin Bourne

Jennifer Griffin

Janet Harris

Jenny Freeman

Eva Schuster

Lynn Linder

Jim Nicholson – Fab warms and cools on the surface of the cherry

Lynn Wise – Great observation of the reflected light in the cherry and the way the cast shadows tell the form of the object.

Nicole Keep – amazing colour on the cherry and lovely smokey cast shadow under the stem.

Sarah Orrin – Brilliant glazing on the underside of the Cherry; this is Sarah’s first published piece! go Sarah!

Jaya Gupta

Kathleen Bolster

Helen Shotton

Christine McDougall

Lydia Verdeny

Elaine Gillespie

Kirsten Grant

Tony Musick – There’s fab movement in this painting and a lovely pulling together of the complementary colours by the green glazes in the cast shadow and stem.

Judith Shore – The reflected light glow is gorgeous, sitting next to the deep shadow it pulls the shape out.

Ana Avanzini – This cherry feels like it ‘sits up’  the cast shadow and occlusion shadow helps to ground it so well.

Luciane Oliveira – Fantastic texture in the background and confidence in the brushwork. The texture feels like it tells the story of a tablecloth and other objects out of frame

Gloria Wheeler –  Love the turning of the form on the cherry and the colour observation is great, there is a real luminosity to the surface.

Dana – Fantastic rendering of the cherry, a great sense of soft lighting hitting the subject

Claudia – The pink underneath adds a nice balance to the warm red on top of the cherry

Emily Willy – Such a soft painterly feel, the cast shadow feels part of the cherry

Derek – This cherry has a real elegance in its shape, and confidence in the line

Dany J – Really like the feathering of the paint application around the cherry, balances nicely with the clean sharp line of the stem

Jerry Malec – Like how the direction of brushstrokes on the cherry and cast shadow differs, to separate the dimensions of the surface

Jenny Freeman – Wow, what a shine! great technique in subtle colour shifts

Heather Grauman – Gorgeous, painterly brushstrokes and nice smokey background in contrast to the cherry surface

Gail Knoles – Love the observation in the cast shadows, how its darker under the end of the stalk and then add a red warmth reflected from the cherry

Monica Walsh – Love the confidence of capturing the different planes of the cherry surface, the form shadow has such a nice variety of reds within it

Margo Armstrong – A real sensitivity across the surface to show the form of the cherry, the white highlight work brilliantly

Joe Pellerin – Fantastic solidity to this cherry, you can almost grab it from the canvas

Morana Kavgic – Great paint handling and love the detail on the end of the stalk, it adds a movement to the piece

Sue Callahan – The pink glazing underneath adds a glow to the cherry

Sharon Hodgdon – The highlight really glimmers, giving a glossy shine to the surface

Ramona – That little blush of green in the cast shadow helps to add intensity to the red of the cherry. Amazingly this was Ramona’s first ever painting!

Tamara Zurunic – Really like how the background has its own character just by a change in texture

Fiona Knox – lovely colours on the cherry and great painterly brushwork in the background

Carminia Gutierrez -a fab sense of light, form and cast shadow.

Mayra Ryan – Great movement in the background and excellent cast shadows

Lisa Ramer  – love the bold dashes on the cherry and the pinky undertones

File this painting under ‘no excuses’

Carolyn Cleverly – A fantastic blending of the form and colour mixing in this painting. And the most amazing thing about the piece is that 3 years ago Carolyn became functionally blind. Holding the canvas close to view the reference image and create the painting, a real inspiration.

Ash Levitt – Lovely smooth transition from the reflected light to the body of the cherry

Tatyana Petrenko – Excellent shape of the cherry and subtle observation of the stalk shadow

Thor Hall – brilliant bold colours and colour balance

Tom Schneider – brilliant observation of the shape of the cherry

Jan Creedon – nice form shadow shape on the cherry

Estella Barbosa de Souza – great smokey look to the cast shadow

Helen Going – Great use of glazing in the shadows

Kim Wenning – Cherry for Pieter, this is a poignant piece by Kim, as her first every painting inspired by her Father, Pieter Wenning. Kim’s Great Grandfather Pieter Wenning brought impressionism to South Africa in the 1920s.

Alberto Griselli – Alberto’s first every acrylic painting! great work

Gwen Gill – Fab rendering of the cherry and delicate handling of the stalk glazing

Rachael Culver – Convincing fine cast shadow of the stalk

Mary – The reflected light on the left of the cherry really gleams

Rhonda Ferridge – Lovely painterly brushstrokes on the cherry

Tresa Heath – Lovely soft edges on the cast shadow

Viviane Reyes – Fabulous shape on the cherry and a real sheen to the surface

Wendy – Love the subtle glazes in the Cast Shadow

Julie Kennedy – Fab blending on the cherry

Kavitha Abhilash – Great drawing and observation of the reflected light.

Phil Rennie – Nice painterly brushstrokes on the cherry

Simon Lovell – Great shape and colour on the cherry

Rachel Wirt – Lovely transition from the bright reds to the darker shadow tones

Ella – nice form shadow on the shape of the cherry

Rob – Good colour balance between the green glazes and reds

Karri Robison – Lovely drawing and colour mixing

Nico Roets – Fabulous painterly surface and sheen to the cherry, great work Nico!

Kristin Gilchrist – Great balance between the pink glazes and deep red of the cherry

Jennifer Perez – lovely colours in the shadows

Veronica Colvin – Fabulous blending on the cherry surface.

Marlene Leto – Marlene had been watching tutorials for years but took the leap with her lovely cherry painting, in her own words “It’s not hard to do once you dare start” she also had a painting buddy in her daughter Nola (see below)

Nola Leto – Nola is just 7! and has created this fabulous impressionistic cherry, brilliant work Nola


Shreya Sanyai – delicate handling of the stalks shadow and brilliant red hue.


Ben Owen – Ben’s first ever painting! brilliant observation of the cast shadows


Jinitya Basarah – Picked up the brushes after 20 year break! great painterly style.


Freida Marie Stewart – Brilliant subtle rendering on the cherry body, it really gleams!


Alica Sahu – Lovely pink glazes on the underside of the cherry.


Aimée Jeanne Bourgon – lovely transition into the shadow tones of the cherry


Sarmed Mirza – great painterly texture on the cherry


Sid Pasumarthy – First ever canvas painting with acrylics! Delicate handling of the stalk and cast shadow


Brad Vomocil – This was Brad’s first ever painting! Brilliant brushmarks on the cherry


Ali Campbell – Ali’s first ever painting! what a fabulous result!


Rebbeca Potter – Great subtle handling of the shadows


Jim Precious – This was Jim’s first ever painting! nice blending on the cherry.


Kim B – Great painterly style


Oga B – Brilliant mix of the pinks & red, lovely colours in the cast shadow!


Ghadeer Assiri – In Ghandeer’s own words  “This is literally my first painting I bought my Acrylic Painting set two days ago!”


Melanie Park – First painting since Kindergarten! whoo hoo


File this painting under ‘no excuses’ – Lois is 95! fantastic work!

cherry pic doc becci

Becki Nelson


Rhonda Wilson (first painting ever! fab work!)


Lorraine Larson (this was Lorraine’s second ever painting! whoo hoo)


Sherry Morrison

stephanie cherry

Stephanie Daly


Aisha Ajaj


Steve Osmond


Aileen Xu

cherry still life copy

Laundrea Lewis


Vanessa Pearson


Richard Jose


John Powell


Susan Rall


Marlene Tollett


Shahana (first Acrylic painting!)


Cherryse Zeller


Inge Kielen


Sanaz Nabaei


Monika Duskova


Carolie Simpson

cherry painting

Chetan Pawgi

Anne Cherry

Anne Wilkinson


Helen Kask


Sophia Yi Qing




Laurel Turner


Barbara Gerlach


Karen Callaghan


Nina Zaikina


Martha Roberts (first painting since high school!)


David McNamee


Jeff Bronson


Dr Connie Hurley




Julie Cook

Cherry, Martin S

Martin Slobodnik


Anne Dvorachek


Grace Lee (first attempt at painting with acrylics! whoo hoo)


Monica Seidler

liz cherry

Liz Geeslin


Steve Brown


Jenny Michalak

natalie goben

Natalie Goben


Bron Stedall


Teri Sousa




Nektaria Vakana


Eileen van der Merwe


Tony Kalemba


Kathryn Franz

Vicki Cherry



Scott Seaton


Kim Norman (with a little encouragement from Ashleigh Norman!)


Sandi – An Artistic Bent

David S

David Smith – Lovely drawing and observation of the stalk shadow

Jasmine R

Jasmine R



John S

John Simlett









Luca cherry


Matt Cherry


Nickolas Cherry



Virginia Nickle

Shawna cherry acrylic

Shawna Lampi-Legaree

Olga Cherry

Olga Santos


Maria T. Meade,

Carol cherry


jennifer cherry


roy cherry


claire cherry


jp cherry


ken cherry


If you’ve been inspired and want to share your cherry painting then drop me an email and let me know.

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  1. Lennie Robson

    I can’t wait to get back home after xmas holidays with family in Melbourne, so that I can take a pic of my cherry & send it to you, I was so proud of it that I also did the apple but made it all red, so then i gave both to my sister to proudly hang in her kitchen. My goal is to paint your white flowers in a vase, & your Venice scene across the water to, – I cant remember the name of the buildings! ! Since getting inspiration from your site, I’ve ventured into watercolour, what a hard medium to understand, but I’m determined, now that I’m fully retired & turning 72 in early 2020, tine is of the essence! Best wishes & I wish you & all your family good health & happiness for Xmas & the New Year,
    Regards Lennie R

    1. Will Kemp

      Looking forward to seeing your cherry Lennie! have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. David Smith

    Merry Christmas! Pleased to see my cherry there. It was the first of your online lessons that I did and since attempting it I haven’t looked back.
    Best wishes!

    1. Will Kemp

      That’s fab to hear David, and a great painting you did.

  3. Francis Foley

    I was delighted with the beautiful result I got when I did this lesson. I really love your relaxed style and you have a fantastic soothing speaking voice.

    You’re a great teacher and this lesson is easy to follow along. Most people will be surprised and over the moon with the result.

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