Below is a gallery of students work that have been inspired by the Copper Pot Acrylic Painting Tutorial

If you’ve completed the tutorial yourself drop me an email and I’ll add it to the page!

Rebecca Potter – Lovely details in surface of the pot

Joe Pellerin – Fantastic vivid hues in the oranges, with subtle reflected tones into the hearth top

Brenda Finley – great balance between the warm and cools

Dr Connie Hurley – Love the great orange colours on the pot and the brushstrokes with the blue

Ben Owen – lovely turn of the shape of the pan and great crimson glazes


Mari Tabuchi – Great tonal range within the copper reflection


Kim Gervais – Fab balance between the oranges and blues


Paddy Wilkinson – Fantastic glow to the copper and great texture in the background


Anne Wilkinson – great pattern in the reflections of the copper


João Diogo – Great use of the glazing with the reds into the copper surface


Wendi Richardson – Fantastic detail in this painting, love the grates on the cooker top


Kathy Atkins (10-minute study) Now here’s how to spend 10 minutes! fantastic movement on the copper surface with the glowing coloured ground just peaking through on the right-hand side.


Marie-Claude – Love how the oranges from the pot have been echoed in the surface of the range


Morana Kavgic – Really nice pattern within the copper surface


Nico Roets – Lovely painterly brushwork and colour contrast


Sarah Boyle – Really nice vibrancy within the reds coming into the bottom of the pot

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  1. I love this–and it proves what a wonderful teacher you are, how you appreciate your students and remain engaged with them. All signs of a brilliant mentor.

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