On Painting, Procrastination and What Might Have Been

acrylic abstract painting

 “For of all sad word of tongue or pen, the saddest are these. “It might have been.”
John Greenleaf Whittier

I always feel so sad when I read this quote, “It might have been…”

What a waste.

So many aspiring artists come to me with a real passion for learning how to paint and ask me where they should start?

Not knowing where to begin or muddling along on your own can be really slow progress and eventually the paints can spend more time in your box than on your canvas.

Your dreams of becoming a painter get lost.

But you were so close!

If you came to my studio with the question ‘I have a week to learn how to paint, what do I need to know?

I’d strip the learning process down to basics, the fewest brushes, a few key colours and an essential introduction to the wide properties of acrylics.

Materials and set up, colour mixing and pigment choice, brush handling and palette knife techniques and gels and mediums.

Then we’d get painting using methods that achieve great results even if you’ve got no artistic training.

Why Acrylics?

Acrylics can be used in thin transparent washes like water colours or in a thicker more opaque form like oil paint.

They dry quickly and can be diluted and cleaned with water making them simple to use, odourless and accessible for the beginner.

So when are you coming round, right?

If you’ve never even picked up a pencil I’d always usually recommend learning how to draw. Which I know sounds a little deflating … you want to learn how to paint!

However, learning to draw sets you so far ahead, so quickly, it really is the most ‘bang for your buck’ for a set of principles that don’t change.

But what if the allure of colour is too much to resist and you want to get straight into painting?

Well, I’ve been working on a new course just for you…

The Foundations of a Good Painter

Picasso’s father was an art teacher.

Young Picasso had some great one-on-one artistic training in drawing and painting from an early age.

He progressed quickly.

By the time he was 15, Picasso’s father stopped painting as he felt his son had surpassed him.

Here’s a painting by the then 15-year-old Picasso.


Pablo Picasso, aged 15, La première communion (First Communion) 1896

You wouldn’t have predicted that 30 years later his paintings would look more like this:


Pablo Picasso, aged 47, The Studio (1927 -1928)

But you can start to see where his feeling for composition and colour balance has come from.

Both pictures have similar colour palettes of warm yellow and then a strong bright red.

There is a strong contrast with black and white, and a dialogue between the characters in both paintings.

All abstract paintings have been ‘abstracted’ from reality.

If you want to paint impressionistically or with a more abstract approach, it’s best to start with observation skills.

You can then grow from a solid foundation.

The Talent Myth

Sometimes it can feel like everyone else is a naturally gifted painter.

You can go to a ‘beginners art class’ and everyone seems to know so much already.

You’d love to emulate other students confidence and success but you don’t know how.

Every time you give it a go, there’s a little something holding you back.

It could be the fear of the unknown, a lack of time or an inner feeling that ‘I’m not talented enough’

Maybe you’ve followed some tutorials, read some books but still have some loose ends in your full understanding of how painting works.

Your first attempts?…not so amazing.

But I know that taking a simple approach can give you repeated consistent results, even if you’re an utter beginner.

Painting should be a simple process that gives you a great sense of calm, achievement and pleasure.

Without a basic understanding of the fundamentals, you can waste hours at your easel, get disheartened and amass a healthy collection of brand new paint tubes…with no brand new paintings.

The ‘I’m not talented’ conditioning can hold many people back for years before taking that first jump into painting, but artistic talent is a myth.

Painting is a skill that can be learnt, just like riding a bike.

The first stage in your transformation is to have a look at your mindset.

Do you have a growth mindset?

This could seem a strange question to ask when learning about painting, but your mindset before you begin any new creative endeavour can be the difference between failure and success.

Many admirers of paintings will often comment ‘you are so lucky to be talented’, and unwittingly place themselves within the ‘untalented’ bucket. Keeping themselves on the sideline as a viewer, rather than a doer.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Carol S. Dweck, a Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, claims that people can be placed into two different mindsets.

  • A fixed mindset
  • A growth mindset

You can have a fixed mindset in some areas and a growth mindset in regard to others.

But we’re interested in your mindset towards learning creative skills.

Those who have a ‘fixed mindset’ to painting, believe that success is based on an innate talent, assuming that creative ability is static and can’t be changed in any meaningful way.

These thoughts can stop you in your development as an artist before you even buy your first tube of paint.

We want to develop a growth mindset in regard to your artistic skills.

A growth mindset thrives on challenges and believes that success is reliant upon improving.

When you learn to paint, there are going to be drawings that look wonky, colour mixes that go wrong and areas that need repainting.

These shouldn’t be seen as failures but learning curves!

“In this mindset, the hand you’re dealt is just the starting point for development. This growth mindset is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts. Although people may differ in every which way — in their initial talents and aptitudes, interests, or temperaments — everyone can change and grow through application and experience.

Professor Carol S. Dweck, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

This is a pretty compelling thought, right?

That to become ‘talented’ as a painter is within your control.

But before you feel the urge to tidy your studio, let me introduce you to the Prince of Procrastination.

Overcoming procrastination

If there was an award for ‘best procrastinator‘ I think I’d win.

I am a master of it.

Let’s take a trip to my days at art school and the dreaded word ‘dissertation’

My 6000 word written dissertation was a lesson in life, fear and extremely high levels of anxiety.

Having had a 3-month time-frame to write it, I eventually sat down every day of the last month to write my masterpiece.

Vanessa often popped her head in my room to see a mass of paper around the floor, piles of books with labels sticking out of them and a flurry of activity, I was so busy I didn’t have time for a chat – I was writing…

She must have thought I was some kind of genius of prose…she was wrong.

At day 88 of the 90-day deadline, my word count was precisely 203.

Don’t laugh.

I’d worked extremely hard on that first Introduction.

I ended up writing 5000 words the day before the deadline.

The results?

Handing in a dissertation 2 minutes before the cut-off point, only to find when I received it back, I’d made a spelling mistake on the second line.

But that wasn’t the worse of it.

Just slightly, more importantly, I’d forgotten to include the final page of my conclusion!

The page I was most proud of, that pulled all of my revolutionary thoughts together in one groundbreaking piece of abstract artist thinking…was left under the word processor.

So I can sympathise with any fellow procrastinators who might be having a similar process with their painting production.

I’ve designed this course so each step is ‘procrastination-friendly’

A progressive sequence

My new Absolute Beginners Acrylic Painting Course is designed to give you professional looking paintings with a few key materials in a relatively short space of time when we take the right painting approach.

It’s designed for students who feel inspired to learn how to paint but have little or no training.

The course has a logical progression, from handling a brush, achieving the perfect paint consistency with water, the basics of colour mixing, to how to create depth and texture in your paintings.

It will take you on a journey covering a wide range of techniques from Classical realism to a more modern abstract approach as understanding how to create something realistically to start with, is the foundation of all great artists.

beginners palette knife painting

At each stage you might just be using one brush or one new colour, I’ve included my line drawing so you can have a jump start on where to begin and each lesson builds logically and progressively so you have a clear path to follow.

By the end of the course, you will have created 3 different painting studies in 3 different styles, moving from absolute beginner to painting with confidence.

acrylic painting basics

I started this website over 3 years ago with the ambition to help and encourage aspiring artists to face the fear of the white canvas and paint it anyway.

So what are we waiting for! My new Absolute Beginners Acrylic Painting Course  is available now.




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  1. Good hearing from you Will, you hit the nail on the head as they say. But who are they? Lol, you are correct, many times I do find myself slipping into the same mode as where do I go from here. So true, many times I have laid my brushes down, with the mindset, if I only knew more. You are absolutely correct. How did you guess what I was thinking? Thank you for all that you do for those of us that continue to question our own abilities.

    1. Hey Virginia, we all question our own paintings, usually in the cold light of morning! hope you’re well.

      1. THE right timming, thank your..dear..the push i needed..

    2. I am so terribly excited and hoping the course doesn’t cost more than I can afford. This is exactly what I need. I start to paint, it doesn’t look the way I thought it should and I don’t know what to do to correct it. so I stop for another month or so.

  2. send details, I am interested.

  3. How much is the week course? Where do I sign up for it? Thanks, Adele

    1. Hi Adele, the course will be available next week, I’ll send out an email with pricing details and I’ll be doing a launch week offer for the first week.

  4. Yess Will,..I am proud of you being always around to gve us courage and hope ….
    Your new article on procastination has just warned me on the laziness i have started feeling nowadays …. About the paintings i make…its very bad i start a picture reach in the middle of it and decide to quit …looking as if its no longer good nymore….but …i hope your new article will gve me a new enlightment on the vices i have nowadays…

    1. Hi Gerry, that ‘middle of the painting’ everything looks terrible stage happens to every painting I do, so you’re not alone. But good to hear you’re going to work work through it!


      1. Nd after i start adding the final small details when the painting comes into reality is when i enjoy ,but the middle of the painting stage has been always very enough to dissapoint me because i see like vrything is not as i want

  5. Yes, I am interested and also a procrastinator…feeling un talented, starting and stopping, reading books, buying paints , meddling with wild haphazard strokes of a brush..what you describe. I shall hope to think that your course will entice me forward !

    1. Pleased to hear it Irene, really hope its going to help.

  6. Really interesting reading and thanks for sharing your thoughts. Looking forward to the new course. Thank you

  7. This new course, is it a recorded teaching for us to view any time or is it more like an
    alive webinar where it is at set times?

    1. Hi Claudio, the course is a downloadable recorded set of lessons, so once you’ve downloaded you can watch as many times as you like, forever, within your own schedule.

  8. Hi Will,

    Your new course sounds great. What is the cost; do you have a link for registration? I can’t seem to find it!

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Sharon, the course launches next week on the 2nd Feb, I’ll send out an email with pricing details and a launch week offer.

  9. I have taken two of your courses, the beginning drawing course and the course using charcoal, continuing on my own using what (lots!) that I’ve learned. I also have your color mixing course that I’m watching and rewatching before I put paintbrush to canvas. This new course sounds great for me but I’m wondering if I should start with it or go through your color mixing videos first. Either way, Will, you are my new hero! I am learning something that I’ve wanted to learn in a way that keeps me excited and advancing confidently. Thanks for continuing to add to your lessons. Your continuing enthusiasm and ability to teach well is an inspiration to us all.

    1. Hi Jean, this new course takes you on a journey as if you’ve never painted before, the simple colour mixing is more theory driven, explaining more depth how colours work.
      The new course touches on mixing colours, but no way as in-depth as the simple colour mixing course.

      So if you’re moving progressively on from the drawing courses and brand new to painting, the Absolute Beginners Acrylic painting would be the next step. Saying that, somethings will cross over, so there is no harm at all in watching though the simple colour course first, because it will get your mindset into how colour mixing works. the simple colour is a little more advanced. Thanks for you’re kind comments Jean, much appreciated.

      1. Hi Will,

        This new course of yours sounds really good – I think you’ve hit the nail on the head for many! A bit like Jean I also have your colour-mixing course – but worse in procrastination I haven’t watched it yet! (Admittedly I am in a very busy time of life – mum with small children etc but I am desperate to at least just start painting sometime!!!)

        Thanks Will, looking forward to the update.

        1. Cheers Vanessa, the colour mixing course will work really well in tangent with the new lessons so could be the perfect starting point.

  10. I would like to know more about the Absolute Beginners Course in Acrylic Painting such as cost, time frame and materials needed. It sounds great and I feel this eould help me stop procrastinating and get on with it. Also great way to pass the time in our cold Canadian winter and a broken leg on top of it all!
    thank you

    1. Hi Sue, oh no, hope your leg is healing okay. I’ll send out an email with pricing details and a launch week offer next Monday 2nd Feb, maybe I could send out a material list with this aswell?

      1. Definitely a materials list would be of enormous help – at least then those of us who are trying to start and have some materials ready, will know what they have done wrong already :)

        1. Ha, ha, yes Stephen, I’ll add a materials list to the details of the course page.

          1. Great – thanks. (No need for any reply – just trying to turn off email notifications :) )

  11. Brilliant can’t wait to get the details. I’ve only just started painting, decided to spend a couple of months improving my drawing before I started. Your videos are so good, you are clearly a gifted teacher and I say that as an ex-school teacher.

    1. Sounds like good timing Cath, thanks for our comments on the teaching.

  12. Will the lessons be in the form of videos. Can I reproduce them on DVDs on my computer? I am not very computer savy so am wondering how I can save the course for future reference. Can I buy the DVD outright from you at the same price plus tax.

    1. Hi Marlene, the lessons will be in the form of downloadable video lessons and reference images, I don’t currently have a DVD version, but yes, you’d be able to put them onto a memory stick or DVD to watch on your computer offline.

  13. Can’t wait for more info!

  14. Both my husband and I are looking forward to the email with prices and the launch offer. We enjoy your teaching methods and philosophies. Thanks for helping to make learning how to create visual art a little less intimidating.

    1. Thanks Linda, pleased you’re both enjoying the lessons.

  15. Oooo. Will, you are describing me. Worse still, I look back at some of my earlier paintings and they look better (to me) than those I’m producing now. I’m actually going backwards – I must have a shrink mindset. Cost permitting, I’d love to do this course and be taken back to basics, them move forward from there. Will watch out for the email.

    1. Hey Viv, ha ha, I know it can feel a bit like that sometimes with painting!

    2. Viv, you are describing me to a T. I would like to get back to a place where I can paint as well as I did 20 years ago–and also solve my procrastination problem. I have the time, materials and studio setup that should make it easy, but can’t seem to keep at it. I wake up every morning practically doing a painting in my head, but alas, it never reaches the canvas! Looking forward to this course as a jump-start for the new year!

  16. Hi Will,
    Sounds good! We all need to get back to basics once in a while and I just wish that you could make a Mini Will that can sit in my studio and say “No! Not the black!!! Use Ultramarine and Burnt Umber!” and other useful critiques as I bumble through a painting. I will be looking out for your email next week in the absence of the desperately needed Mini Will! ;) x

    1. Hi Ali, nice to hear from you, yes the old burnt umber and ultramarine if always a great choice! Hope the alphabet is coming along.

  17. Hello Will!
    I gave my first two paintings I painted with your lessons to my two daughters for Christmas. They loved them! I am looking forward to your next course! I need to keep painting!

    1. That’s great news Catherine, good work.

  18. Will,

    I’m so glad I found your website a few months back. I’m a ceramic artist and teacher, but even though our mediums are different I always get a lot out of your posts. Thanks for all of the effort you put into them and your courses! I’ll definitely be watching for the launch email … I bet it will help my glazed surfaces!


    1. Very true Jillian, you must be a master of glazing! I know it can be doubly difficult in ceramics due to the drastic changes in colour in the firing process.

  19. Thank you Will. Your email could not have been more timely.
    I have been a champion at procrastinating for far too many years. Now is the time to change and jump in. Look forward to receiving more information on your course. I am so grateful that you have chosen to open your doors and share your gifts. Happy day to you.

    1. You’re welcome Sheryl, really hope the course helps.

  20. I can’t wait for this new course. I need a kick in the butt, inspiration, direction, all of the above. This will get me going again! Thank you!


  21. This is exactly how I feel every time I pick up a brush. Please send more details on this course.

  22. Hi Will, alas, my easel, paints and brushes are gathering dust in our spare room. They reproach me every time I go there!

    I’d love to know more about this course please…



    1. Just a room away Susanna, hope the course helps to blow the dust off the brushes!

    2. Hey Susanna, you got a room? Lucky you :-))

      Hi Will, there’s nothing like the good old “last minute panic”. Looking forward your course and thanks for your many kind words and good advice, they really help.

      1. Cheers Kai, I suppose creating a pop-up studio mid flight might be a stretch too far?

  23. I am a new painter, largely self taught……mostly just try to paint what I see an DX mix colors to match colours. I’D really love to learn to be more effective.

    1. Great to hear it Peter, think the course will be a good fit.

  24. I would like your course, please let me know how much? Joyce

    1. Hi Joyce, the course will be available next week, I’ll send out an email with pricing details and I’ll be doing a launch week offer for the first week.

  25. Oh, just in time!!! I am finding that I am more comfortable painting at home (badly) than in class. I get really intimidated around the more experienced painters….but I really want and need to learn more. I think this will be just the thing to get me over my self-made barrier. Thank you, thank you!

    1. Its easily done Pat when surrounded by more experienced painters, hopefully the course will give you that extra edge.

  26. Dear Will, I do appreciate your site (messages/write ups), they’re really inspiring and encouraging. My situation is a peculiar. I’m not an artist but loves art. I’m a teacher who had to teach Creative Art to secondary (high) school students and would love to develop myself with your courses but the problem is I’m in Nigeria. So I’m not sure how I can participate.

    1. Hi Esther, the course will be available worldwide as a step-by-step series of downloadable video lessons, so you can download the classes and even work through them by yourself, or with your students.
      Hope this helps,


  27. I am interested in the details and pricing of your course. I, too, work with beginners of all ages and to me, the most important thing is for adults not to judge themselves too harshly as they begin a new skill. It will all come together as they take the first steps and learn the principles of operating the instrument. So, I look forward to your information about developing a new skill for myself. Thanks so much.

    1. Great to hear it Kathryn, I’ll be sending out more information and pricing details for a launch week offer on the 2nd Feb.

  28. Looking forward to details of this course. I’m excited to begin painting with acrylics under your guidance!

  29. Would you recommend going through the beginning drawing course first (as in I suck at drawing) and then start the beginners guide to acrylic painting?

    1. Hi Toni, ideally, yes, the beginners drawing course will give you a great foundation, it’s been designed with painters in mind so your new skills and approaches will be easily transferable to the beginners painting course. I’ve included downloadable line drawings of each of the demonstration lessons in the courses to help but having the knowledge behind it will help so much.

      1. Thanks for the quick response. I have downloaded the beginners drawing course and will start on that and then will transition into the beginners acrylics course. Looking forward to it!

        1. Good one Toni, hope you enjoy working through it, you’ll be in the perfect position to transition into the painting course.

  30. So glad to hear from you! Glad you will be starting up again, I’ll be waiting;-)

  31. Thank you for the heads up about the class. I’m glad that is going to be on acrylic painting. Looking forward forward to hear more about this class.

  32. Hi Will!
    I am an oil painter. And, although it’s the medium that I love, I have oftened wondered about acrylics when I have a half dozen or more paintings going because of ‘dry time’. It might be time to dip my toe into acrylics. Would you be kind enough to add me to your ‘interested’ list?
    Thanks so much….and as my son-in-law says…..Cheers!

    1. Hi Sharon, I’ll be sending out details through the email updates on the blog, if you pop your email in the box on the top right hand side of the blog you’ll be all set.

  33. hi Will, I’m so happy to find someone who’s so encouraging. I had fallen and broken my hip and have had an operation last week. To bring me out of the doldrums, my sister and husband bought me some watercolor, acrylic and oil paints and paper hoping to keep me occupied in a new interest.
    The trouble is, I’m both excited to begin, and also afraid to start. I start the day planning to do something, then I studiously avoid the paint sets, telling myself I’ll try it tomorrow.
    Yes, I’ interested

    1. Hi Johanna, oh no, sorry to hear about your fall, do hope you are on the road to recovery. More details coming next week.

  34. Hi Will – I’ve used pigment colors for furniture touch up for thirty years but have learned alot from your methods. There is a world of difference between the pigment powders and the acrylic paints – you are very gifted – I know that comes determination and practice. Using the pigments with lacquer for years – I now need to learn a more non-toxic way – being on limited income a major factor would be price.
    Thank You

    1. Hi Don, good to hear the articles have been helping you get started in the differences between the two painting methods.

  35. Sounds like the perfect class for me to get motivated to get back into painting!
    Can’t wait!

  36. will – could i use oils or would that over-complicate things to the point of negating the effort?

    1. Hi Martha, mmm kinda, you could use oils on the demos but there would be alot of lessons that specifically apply to acrylics so you’d be second guessing how to approach them, so on this occasion I wouldn’t really recommend it with oils.

  37. I am interested in knowing more about your online course. Please send info.
    Thanks, melanie

    1. Thanks Melanie, if you sign up for the ‘free updates’ in the box on the top right of the site you’ll be on the list for more info.

  38. Very excited to find out more next week. Thanks so much!

  39. Hi Will,
    I became acquaintd with your teaching through Art Tutor, and like your teaching style. My favorite lesson at AT is the road and white house landscape lesson.
    I have painted for years in watercolor (and sold for years too) but a while back I took up acrylic and now prefer them. I have painted what I consider some successful acrylic pointings (opaque, oil style). But I feel my knowledge of and skill with acrylic is limited.
    I think your course may be basic is several areas for me but helpful none the less for expanding my techniques and developing a reliable procedure.
    What do you think?

    1. Hi Bill, nice to hear from you and pleased you’ve been enjoying the lessons, yes, I think you’ve got it right, you’ll be already familiar with many of the basics from your experience with watercolours but it would give a good framework of a classical painting approach with acrylics and how you could use more impasto or textural techniques within your works.

  40. Hi Will, I have just completed your small glass painting course, I have allways wanted to paint, and now I have retired I have the time, I found the course very interesting and I allways wondered how one paints coulered glass and reflections, your course explained this so well, I had many positive comments on my finneshed painting and enjoyed it imensley, cant wait to purchase the next tutorial on beginers acrylics.
    Many thanks.


    1. Hi Mike, great to hear from you and really pleased you found the course on painting the coloured glass interesting. Positive comments on your paintings are always a great motivation!

  41. If procrastination is the name of the game I’m certainly in your team. I have drawers full of paints, all stored by colour. I have pots and pots of brushes. I have nearly every medium you can get hold of. I have a digital projector, a slide projector and a light box. But still I can’t draw or mix the colour I want or use a brush to obtain the stroke I want.
    I have a huge collection of books on painting techniques, but very few go into detail about the marks to make with a brush to achieve the effect you want.
    If your course gives 10 minutes to brush technique, I’ll be purchasing it!
    When I retired I was all fired up to be the painter I always wanted to be, but somehow I seem to get side tracked taking the dogs for a walk or cleaning the kitchen floor, or buying in stuff for meals.
    Any advise on how to block out everyday chores would be welcome.

    1. Hi Margaret, sounds like you’re prepped and ready to go! the only way I’ve found to ‘find the time’, is to book out in your diary the time like an appointment. And if you have the mantra ‘the first hour is my own’. You can put yourself first in the studio. I’ve found the beginning of the day is the most successful, and if you leave a painting ‘at a good bit’ you’re much more likely to continue on with the piece to the finish the next day because you’re looking forward to coming back to it.
      Hope this helps,


  42. I am on pins and needles awaiting the arrival of the new video course!!

    Thank you so much for all you do!

    1. Cheers Bobbi, pleased you’re looking forward to it.

  43. Happy New Year Will,
    Thank you for your insightful inspiration – much appreciated; looking
    forward to checking out your new course :-)

    1. Thanks Barbara, and a Happy New Year to you.

  44. Hi Will,
    the beginners acrylic course sounds great. I first tried acrylics in January 2014 with the idea to paint a portrait from a photo. A little while later, with a pink oval on the pad, I realised I needed to learn to draw first, let alone mix colours and understand proportions and so on.
    Incidentally, the search engine on my mobile informs me that I visited your website on 28 1 2014. Procrastination? Yes, perhaps. I spent more time drawing than painting over the last year but have almost exclusively straight-faced portraits in my sketchpads!
    Anyway, I have decided to follow advice seen above and take the drawing course first and have just bought the final materials I needed online. It’s time to see some improvement.
    Your Youtube channel has been a great help, thanks.

    1. Hi Alan, nice to hear from you, time spend drawing is never time wasted for your portraits. Learning to see the subtle shapes and features in faces is a great skill in itself. Pleased you’ve been finding the video tutorials of help.

  45. This sounds very good! Thank you for the info and look forward to hear about the Absolute Beginner course

  46. Hi Will.

    Thanks – I’m interested in the new acrylics course. Please email me next week when it starts. Thanks.


    1. Hi David, I’ll be sending out details through the email updates on the blog, if you pop your email in the box on the top right hand side of the blog you’ll be all set.

  47. Will: I have followed a couple of your free online lessons. Good info. My painting has progressed, however, I keep getting stuck. If only I knew how to make the waterfall have dimension! Near & far. Top of mountain sloping to valley…. Ya know? Your new course sounds like a fit. I’m in central interior of BC Canada. Need pricing info. Tkx. – DebJ

    1. Hi DebJ, great to hear that your painting is progressing, for adding dimension to your waterfall, create the illusion of distance and perspective, all comes back to drawing. In late spring I’m releasing a landscape sketching course that might suit more for what you’re trying to achieve.

  48. Hi Will,
    Still pushing that cart uphill, trying to get my flesh tones right, my warms and cools
    Correct and afraid to add too many colours to my palette.
    Haven’t tried acrylics in along time.
    Please send details and I will be in touch.
    John C

    1. Cheers John, I’ll add details on the blog when the new course is available.

  49. Loved it! My dear darling wonderful husband….a very talented and accomplished musician, used to call it “piddling”….. He died last year….and I think of him saying that as I did indeed piddle….so much piddling….anything….even dishes and garbage…so as not to go into the studio….thanks Will….

    1. You’re welcome Domi, I think I’ve done my fair share of piddling too!

  50. Hi Will! I have been doing a Fine Art degree online which has encouraged us to be quite experimental in approach. I have been a bit frustrated with the lack of technical direction, although it has pushed me to out about the materiality of paint. Just wondering what you might recommend? I am quite thirsty for understanding of basic traditional techniques. Came onto your website in search of some indication of underpainting for oils – and this was in my inbox this morning!! Would appreciate your advice thanks

  51. Just the new beginning I need. Had to stop painting a year ago due to right shoulder surgery. Now had a total replacement shoulder and able to lift the arm again. Looking forward to starting over. Marion.

    1. Good one Marion, sounds like we need to give that new shoulder a paint brush workout!

  52. Hi Will,
    Maybe you remember the old wrinkly in France who followed your portrait in b & w and painted hubby? Well since then I’ve painted my best friend, daughter-in-law and youngest son in oils as birthday presents. They were delighted with their gifts and for that I thank you. (If you wanted to see them I could upload a link – your honest opinion would be invaluable as family and friends don’t tend to speak the truth). Our art group continues to grow and we all follow your work and your advice and tutorials. So thank you for your inspiration and guidance. Now I have, by some miracle, landed a commission to paint someone and have decided to use acrylics for the first time as they cannot wait for the time it takes me to complete in oils. So, I am completely out of my comfort zone. I am so looking forward to your course. Kryssy xx

    1. Hi Kryssy, great to catch up with the progress on the art group. Also, congratulations on the portrait commission, good job! so pleased your presents were well received, and a commission is always proof that your paintings are on the right track. I don’t know if the recent Acrylic portrait course might be of more benefit for your Kryssy, as it goes into a lot more detail when mixing skin tones for portraiture specifically in acrylics, which tend to be very subtle. Have a read and see what you think, this new acrylic course is for the absolute beginner to acrylics, but doesn’t tackle portraiture or skin tones.
      Hope this helps,

  53. This sounds like a wonderful course. I would love more info please! Thanks Will!

    1. Cheers Sandy, more details coming soon.

  54. Hi Will
    I love your teaching style but I’m not that keen on a computer course – old fashioned, love workshops – and not sure how much self discipline I have to keep it up.
    Please let me know the cost and also, whether I may use some of your hints and tips to pass on to the lovely group of enthusiastic amateurs I paint with.?

    1. Hi Judy, pleased you enjoyed my teaching style, sounds like you’ve got a great group of inspirational painters.





    1. Hey Cheryl, yes sometimes painting can be a bit of an out of body experience!, I’m a great believer in a limited palette as it can be such fantastic teaching tool to build confidence when you first starting. Hope you’re keeping well.

  56. Hi Will, I’m happy to hear this news, because I like to paint with acrylic and like I want more information about this technique, your course arrives to point to that I get back to painting. Because it is more than a year that I have not painted and miss me many. As you say February 2 you will inform us of the price for this course. I hope not to miss the start of your course.
    If we take not just now, what is it y a possibility to take it later?
    Thanks Will for your generosity and especially for taking the time to teach this technique.
    At soon, Lucie bye

    1. Hi Lucie, the course launches on the second, but once downloaded you have lifetime access to the lesson so can come to them at a later date and fit them in with your schedule.

  57. Dear Will,
    Have enjoyed your fine videos, been practicing and am interested in your course. Please update me.

  58. Hi Will
    I have just found your site and joined. I really enjoy your encouragement and willingness to show your own mistakes. I’ve painted for many years and taught as well. I use mainly oils and paint portraits mostly. I’m in the middle of a big one at the moment and will be experimenting with glazes again. Talking of procrastination, I’m doing that right now instead of painting….oh well. I look forward to your courses. Do you ever do any short courses in reality? I’d love to go over for one. (I’m in Australia).
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Ruth, thanks for dropping by, at the moment I’m not running any live courses due to time commitments with my painting practice, but if I do run any live courses I’ll add details on the blog. Hope you portrait goes well.

  59. Hi Will,
    I purchased your portrait course and found it so useful.
    Life challenges got in the way of me doing much over the last year or so but I am ready and able to start again.
    I look forward to details of this new course you are offering.
    Thank you


    1. Hey Robyn, good to hear from you and really pleased that you found the portrait course helpful in your painting.

  60. I am always so impressed that you answer every single message on here. That is so rare to find! And I am excited for your new course. Two of my favorite paintings that I have finished are your impressionistic landscape and the jug. I’ve only done 13 so far with a goal of 100 by the end of the year. I am hoping that your new course will steer me in the right direction to achieve that goal.

    1. Sounds like a great goal Margo and I remember your Monet style painting was particularly fab.

      1. Thank you! Yes, I really enjoyed doing that painting. So much so that I am just now finishing another one! It has a lone tree, distant mountain, and a field of red poppies and yellow tiny flowers. I’ll send you an email with a pic attached when I’m done (which should be today or tomorrow). :-)

  61. This sounds really good. I would like more info please.

  62. Your thoughtful words on procrastination really hit home for me today! I have decided to make 2015 the year that I will focus on my art but find myself having a hard time just diving in and getting started. I have taken your courses on light and shadow and impressionist seascape, as well as working through several of your tutorials. I really enjoyed the impressionist class because I prefer more painterly or impasto style paintings as compared to lots of blending. I can follow along with the lessons and be fairly successful but when I set up a still life and try to paint from it I’m not always sure how to proceed and generally get stuck somewhere in the middle. Do you think based on what I’ve taken already that the new course would be helpful? Thank you for creating such a wonderful online resource!

    1. Hi Laurie, pleased you enjoyed the article, the new course is more of a follow along from the references, rather than how to set up and create your own still lifes so it’s easier to be able to work exactly from the same reference images I use. The course would still be helpful to give you a wider framework of what can be achieved with acrylics (including impasto mediums) and fit nicely in conjunction with the seascape course.
      Hope this helps,


  63. I’m very interested but the particulars are a very important first step for me. I really need to know about the pricing and what and how much the materials list will be to start. Waiting eagerly to hear from you!

  64. I am feeling inspired already. Can’t wait to get started. This sounds like the kind of course I need to give me some kind of direction.

  65. Looking forward to it! ( Agree with the comment on it being great for cold Canadian winters.)

  66. You’ve got my interest Will. Looking forward to the new course!

  67. Love your work Will. Looking forward to hear more about these classes.

      1. Hi Will, Thank you! The modern abstract inclusion seems very interesting. Waiting for the details. Avril

  68. hi Will, I got to you through the Internet and have watched some of your videos. I am a 65 old housewife and have always wanted to paint. Last year I took time to paint and am at the stage of painting portraits in oil. However I feel I need more guidance on what to paint and where to go from here, as my remaining years is a bit limited assuming I live to 80+. Do you have and intensive courses as I live in Hong Kong but would be willing to go to where you are. Or alternatively which video course do you do you recommend?



  69. I am struggling at the moment. This course sounds like it is just what I need. I look forward to receiving more information about this course. Thank you so much.

  70. I’ll devour this course just as I have all your others (I’m currently working on the oil portrait course). I wish I had found your website sooner – it is just great stuff. I found the drawing course to be especially valuable (and that’s after two years of college art courses, with emphasis on drawing!)

    I have been struggling with the question of acrylics vs oils. I started out a couple of years ago with acrylics, but found it frustrating. Oils seemed so much more user-friendly. Then I found your website and courses. You make the acrylics look so easy, and I love the results. I’ve tried again a time or two, per your acrylic courses, but just can’t seem to learn to like it. I end up doing them in oil. I will try again with this course.

    Evidently you work in both mediums. Can you tell us what your preference is, and why? What do you use in most of your own (professional) work? What do you recommend? Do I just need to try harder with acrylics?

    Thanks for everything you’ve taught me.

    1. Hi John, nice to hear from you and thanks for your kind comments on the courses. In terms of the question on whether to use acrylics or oils, its not that one medium is ‘better’ than the other, it’s just the way of choosing the right medium for your style of painting, or the results you’re trying to achieve.

      I find acrylics are often the best to learn with because you can easily paint over your mistakes, make clean colour mixes, and wash up with water. But if you’re working on a larger scale piece where you have more of a luxury of time oils can be the perfect choice.

      I’ve designed the new course (and all of my acrylic courses) from a oil painters perspective. So you’ve been learning oil painting ‘by stealth’ throughout the acrylics classes. The oil portrait course then goes into more details of the actual practicalities and mediums of working with oils.

      For example, if you are painting very large-scale cloud studies and wanted to have supersoft smoky edges as you work the whole painting up together I would paint that in Oils. If I was working on a smaller study where I wanted a quicker method for working in thicker and thiner glaze layers at the same time, I’d go with the acrylics.

      If you’re getting good results with the oils, that’s great, its more of gaining an understanding of painting methods as a whole and then cherry picking the right choice of medium before you begin.

      Hope this helps,


  71. hi Will
    Just wanted to say THANKYOU for the Lesson you gave on how to paint clouds
    I always had trouble with them before I saw your Lesson I want to Thankyou

    1. Really pleased it helped Pauline.

  72. Sounds like a great course. My son who’ll be turning 8 has been asking for painting lessons. I think we’ll both benefit for the course.

  73. Perfect timing, Will! I look forward to hearing about the course!

  74. How can I make sure to receive course info and pricing?

    1. Hi Jerry, I’ll be sending out details though the ‘free updates’ email that is on the top right hand side of the website.

  75. Thanks, Will! I have vowed that this year would be my year of change, actually getting down to doing something for myself! I’m very interested in the course. I know if I commit, I’ll do it. Looking forward to it!

    1. Thanks Marion, more details coming soon.

  76. Yes at last! Please count me in and send me the details Will. I have spent the past two years trying to get off the ground and thanks to following some of your free courses on line have started learning the basics but still frustrated having so little knowledge to excel!

    1. Good one Engela, this should hopefully tie all those basics together for you.

  77. I’m interested. Will you be sending details?

    1. Hi Sheryl, I’ll be sending more details when the course launches next week.

  78. Website? Not sure what you want. Have seen you at different times “just by chance”. Didn’t realize I could go on utube and see you “anytime”. Really like the way you teach so will be checking you out!!! Do I go on utube to find the drawing and color mixing lessons? Also if I take this new acrylic course I can “burn” it onto DVDs and have it forever? Thanks, star

    1. Hi Star, the drawing course and colour mixing courses are both paid courses, all the courses are downloadable so are yours to keep forever.

  79. Send details!

    1. Hi Susan, I’ll be sending more details when the course launches next week.

  80. Hi Will,

    How much are you charging for the procrastination course for beginner painters?.

    1. Hi Maria, I’ll be sending pricing details (and a launch week offer) out on Monday.

  81. Oh boy, this sounds JUST what I am looking for. I’ve spent years procratinating about picking up a paintbrush. I’ve copied one or two of your freebies and been quite happy with the result, but can’t wait to have a go at your new course as , on my own in secret, I am just not good!

    1. Pleased to hear you’re looking forward to it Elaine.

  82. Very interested in getting the details!

  83. I’m very interested. You got some trending going on here in your message board. You hit me right on time. Am actually kinda lost or all over your website as to where should I begin. I finished 4 of your free acrylic painting videos but when I try to paint something myself, like some pictures I’ve got, I get lost again. I really want to learn how to start it all & get it done, no procrastinating allowed, haha!:) thanks & more power:)

    1. Thanks and pleased you’ve been getting good results from the free painting videos.

  84. Hello Will ,I too am very interested in details about your new course. I look forward to hearing costs involved ,also other details.

  85. Dear Will,

    I can’t wait… I am a big fan of yours and really appreciate your generosity in sharing your knowledge in the way you do.

    I did the cherry course and showed it to friends who were amazed. It was my first still life.. Sounds funny even saying I did ‘a still life.’ Anyway, I felt as though I needed to qualify the success of the painting, but it’s Will’s teaching I said. And that is true…

    So looking forward to learning more and giving it ago.

    Best wishes

    1. Thanks for your kind words Sonia, so pleased you’re happy with your cherry painting.

  86. I have been concentrating on my drawing skills but now feel ready to paint, but the quick drying of acrylic paint deters me. Would I be able to use the course effectively with Artisan oils rather than Acrylics? I like to be able to move and remove oils, they are so forgiving!

    1. Hi Vil, you’d be able to follow the demos but there are a lot of techniques that are specific to acrylics on the course, so you’d be second guessing how to approach them with the Artisan oils, so on this occasion I wouldn’t really recommend it with oils.

      Hope this helps,

      1. Thank you for your reply Will. If I can afford it I will definitely sign up for a well structured course. Learning the proper techniques might remove the mental block I have about acrylics. I have already bought your acrylic videos from the Art Tutor site but have procrastinated. This course might just be the right one to give me the motivation and the confidence to paint daily with a measure of success.

        1. You’re welcome Vil, yes I’ve found knowing the progress is structured in the learning can really help to keep your paintings on track.

  87. hi Will,
    I’m definitely interested.

  88. Will,
    Thanks. I’m a procastinator too.
    Please send the details and the pricing.
    Tom from Japan

  89. İ cant wait to recive more details about this new course will :)

  90. I think this is the push I need. Please provide start details and pricing. Many thanks

  91. Hi Will, I’m really excited about your new classes. I was going to a local teacher who had to stop her classes about a year ago. I have since puddled around by myself without much improvement. I find that I constantly fall into the habit of copying others rather than creating my own style as I lack imagination. Depending on cost I will be joining you in these classes and look forward to more details.

    1. Thanks Lyn, more details coming soon.

  92. Hi will, what size canvas should a beginner work on?, I can only find fairly small ones any time I look for some.

    1. Hi Elaine, it varies depending on the style of painting you’d like to paint. Most online stores carry a wide range of sizes, but I usually recommend starting small and then you can learn all the basic techniques and approaches before you venture into bigger canvases.

  93. I love reading and listening to you. So encouraging and inspiring. I want to take this course. Regards.

  94. I am always wanted to paint but don’t know where to start. I have bought paint supplies but it’s collecting dust. I have limited access to paint supplies. Does the course require lots of supplies?

    1. Hi Sarah, the course only uses a few materials (only two brushes for most of the tutorials) so sounds like you’ll be set to go.

  95. Will,
    It seems that we all suffer from “the Big P”. I’m glad to hear it because it levels us all out as human. Sometimes when suffering I from it, I wonder, which of the great artists did not and which were the greatest Procrastinators…..and what came next…..The Sun Flowers or Sunday Afternoon on the Grande Gatte or Girl with a Pearl Earring. Wouldn’t it be great to know.

    1. Hey Gerry, yes all artists do have such varied habits and creative patterns, it would be interesting to see what came before the masterpiece.

  96. Will, I have painted quite a few paintings but not just can’t get in the mood!!! I think it is between procrastination and mindset thing. Look forward to your class

    1. Cheers Debie, it can often be just sitting at the easel can be the hardest thing.

  97. Hi, Will. I’ve enjoyed your website/emails for over a year now, but never taken any of your course, because, well, I’m not talented enough, I don’t know enough, everyone else is better than me, I’d look stupid, etc., etc., etc. THIS email was written about me. I don’t know how you sneaked into my head and got my thoughts, but you did. I can’t wait to try my first course with you, but stay out of my head! Unless you make me better, then make yourself at home…..

    1. Hi Deb, ha, ha, pleased the article struck a chord, really hope you enjoy the course.

  98. Hello Will

    I look forward to seeing your new course.

    Good luck with it.

    Best wishes

  99. Will,
    Thank you so much for the update about your new course.
    I am looking forward to receiving the information.

  100. I’m in. Perfect timing for me. You read my mind.
    Thanks, Will

  101. Looking forward to seeing the contents of this course. Your teaching style is very informative and relaxed.

  102. Hi Will, the course sounds absolutely great. I feel I’ve really thrown myself into painting now, and whilst I’ve mastered a few techniques, I feel I’ve got a long way to go. I’m certain there is much more exploring to be done. I’d certainly like to explore more regarding pallete knife painting too, as I’ve had a go at that and found it really hard. It’s so different to brush painting and uses much more paint and is a completely different feel. I had to fight the urge to make everything smooth which just doesn’t work! I really feel the need to explore how to get more texture into my paintings, and this course sounds fantastic with the three different styles covered. I’m sure it will definitely help develop my own style too by exploring further with various techniques. I may well offer to buy to for my cousin too who comes round to paint with me. She is really developing a love for art and creativity, which I’m so pleased about! Thanks Will, keep at it. You’re doing a fantastic job with this site, and you’ve certainly already achieved the aims you had when you first set out. I think this site is invaluable. Keep at it :) Kara x

    1. Thanks very much Kara, very kind of you to say so. I think it will really suit where you’re at with your painting at the moment, showing how texture can be introduced, both through mediums, or with a palette knife. Painting with your cousin sounds like a great idea, speak soon.

  103. Hi Will, I am interested in your course. Am looking forward to receiving the pricing and details! Annette

  104. I’m interested..it’s just like you said, my paints are in their paintbox waiting for me to get with it again…been drawing though and that feels great! Thanks for your inspiration!

    1. Good one Mary, sounds like you’re poised and ready to create!

  105. No more “piddling”. I love it. It’s up on the board in my studio in CAPITALS. ( Thank you to Domi. ) So much to learn and yet so many of us give it so little time.Thank goodness we have you Will to teach inspire us. Feb 2 can’t come soon enough.

  106. Hi Will,
    I have been looking at your site since last year.
    I really have no idea how to paint, although,
    I painted a few half descent paintings many years ago, but
    really wouldn’t have a clue how to do the same again..problem is I have
    Quite a selection of oils as my husband has tried for many years to encourage
    me to start up again…
    I would need to start from the very beginning, but would I be able to use the oils
    that I already have?
    I really wouldn’t like to start from a drawing perspective..
    I would need to start painting, as I feel I would loose interest otherwise.
    I have wanted to paint for years now, but just really don’t know where to start.
    Would love to hear from you, about the Feb. course if I am a suitable candidate etc.
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Mary, thanks for dropping by, for this particular course if you’re brand new to painting I wouldn’t recommend using oils as there will be a big gap in materials and techniques needed when using oil paint. You could follow along with the demos but i’d worry that it would add more confusion than clarity.

  107. I’m in. You must have been reading my mind!
    Please send details of cost, materials required when available.
    Julie L South Australia

  108. Hi Will,
    Enjoyed your course on Acrylic Portraits. Watched it 3 times so far–Love the Zorn Palette which is new to me. I spent most of my life in commercial, technical, classic oils, writing and advertising art. I’ve even taught drawing and painting several times. I am 71 years old and am now retired and a great-grandmother. Ten years ago I had a heart attack but am now feeling well. I want to get back into painting portraits, stills, landscapes and EVERYTHING! again. I’ve had to go back to the basics, digging into my subconscious memory for everything I used to know so well. Frustrated? YES! I feel so ignorant and rusty. I have the desire to express myself through visual art once more… Your acrylic portrait course has inspired me. And I have begun to practice! practice, practice! which I know is the Big Key. Your new course sounds very desirable. I will buy it as soon as I get your email. Sounds like just what I need: some positive instruction and cheerleading. (I will supply the whip-cracking discipline!)
    Thank you for taking the time to teach in this outreach method.

    Sue Crowell

    1. Hi Sue, really pleased to hear you’re enjoying the acrylic portrait course, yes the zorn palette can really help in simplifying the approach. Great to hear you’re feeling inspired in your paintings.

  109. Dear Will
    Procrastination! Yes! Fear of failing, actually… The “i didn’t have time” universal reason why… Your really a great teacher, as I have already told you. I already did two of your courses, and I am about to begin the third (hum yes I did write ” about to”…).

    1. Hey Marcelle, great to hear from you, you’re very kind. Looking forward to seeing your result as you’ve been achieving some great looking paintings with the still life studies.

  110. Hello Will,
    I’m looking forward to receiving the information regarding your procrastination course.
    Not only is my problem procrastination but also fear of starting, there fore I’m looking for a miracle course.
    I attended a 12 months class last year, but found the teacher told us what to do, but not how to do it, is this normal in a class situation. When asked for demonstrations, it happened once and not again, so gave up asking. (Were my expectations of the teaching method too high).
    I would go home from class and google and you tube for how to information and that is how I came across your site. I’ve purchased three of your classes, but due to time commitments,I’ve watched but not put into practice.
    I’m also hoping that this is an affordable class, which will give me all the information I need, and get me over the fear, frustration and procrastination.
    Thank you for letting me vent on your site.

    1. Hi Rob, nice to hear from you, the absolute beginners acrylics course is a beginners painters course (designed with procrastinators in mind) but isn’t a specific procrastination course. It’s super easy to follow, with step-by-step lessons that slowly introduces new techniques and materials, so will be able to take you from the just watching, to the just painting!

  111. I’m interested, I have been plugging away painting in acrylics. But my training was so long ago in oils. I work had but never seem to be happy with my work. I need you Will.

  112. Will thank you for teaching such a course. I am the older one here and do like that I can learn painting at home. Query- will you be starting with one small project at a time eg painting an apple, etc..

    In the article above – “A progressive sequence” there is a painting of cup with flowers – is it possible to view the complete painting. The colours are so beautiful. Thank you kindly. Please keep me / us posted with the dates / price, etc.

    1. Hi Maya, yes it will be one simple project at a time, but each one introduces a new method and technique with acrylics, yes we do complete this cup painting on this course, glad you like it.

  113. Please send me the details to the absolute beginners acrylic course and the cost, Would like to know more and sign up should it suit me.

    Thank you very much Will.


  114. Hi Will Yes I find the most scary thing is sitting in front of a blank canvas and not knowing what I want to paint. Looking forward to your next tutorial your classes have certainly helped me so far I am amazed at what I have been able to achieve nice feeling to look at something you have completed and think I did that. Cheers Gail

    1. Hi Gail, really pleased to hear you’ve been happy with your paintings from the tutorials so far.

  115. Would I need the drawing course before I take this course? Newbie here

    1. Hi Lynn, I’ve included my line drawing that you can work from on the course so you don’t need to have done the drawing course, but spending time learning to draw will always help your painting progress in the long run.

  116. Please let me know costs and the list of materials and papers needed for the Feb 2 course. Many thanks

  117. Hi Will!
    I’m new here but have absolutely loved getting to know you and learning from your website! I am an artist and majored in visual art in college but have been side tracked by the precious demands of 2 little boys and an amazing husband who is always telling me to get back at it on the canvas. I am tired of procrastinating, which is something I feel artists are excellent at btw, and am ready to jump back in! I would love to know more about this class! Thanks

    1. Hi Lara, welcome along, pleased you’ve been enjoying the site.

  118. Adoro su manera de pintar y explicarse, (dentro de lo poco que entiendo su idioma y lo malo que son los traducciones) Estoy interesada en su curso. Necesito saber (ademas del precio y condiciones) si los videos son traducibles a español.

    I love his way of painting and explained ( within what little I understand their language and how bad are the translations ) I am interested in your course. Need to know ( besides the price and conditions) if the videos are translatable into Spanish .
    Yours Truly.

    1. Hola Layco, las lecciones sólo están disponibles en Inglés para el lanzamiento y el curso no ha sido transcrita por lo que lamentablemente no hay versión en español disponible en este momento

      Hi Layco, the lessons are only available in English for the launch and the course has not been transcribed so unfortunately no Spanish version available at the moment.

  119. Hi Will,
    Very true what you have said and thought provoking. The blank canvas always makes me think can i do this..! and then i just say one step at a time and before i know it the canvas is full and i have a grin from ear to ear. Just love painting and drawing, there never seems to be enough time to do all the things i would so love to paint
    take care
    jen sutton

  120. I’d like to do your course for beginners I did paint the cherry and
    Came out surprisingly well. It was my first ever painting. So thank you for inspiring me to paint. I would like to know roughly what the cost is please

    1. Thanks Liz, pricing details coming out next week.

  121. good morning Will: I have taken your course on color mixing acrylics and very interested in your new course, “Procrastination” ! Please advise cost and time frame>

    1. Thanks Lynn, more details coming soon.

  122. Thank you Will.
    Sounds you speaking about me. I want to paint and paint well but this is somewhat illusive. I want to paint like I want to paint and how do I want to paint I am not sure. What I know is that I am drawn to some paintings and some make no sense to me.
    Am I ever going to be good enough to call myself a painter? To me too many people freely entitle themselves as artist.

    I look forward to seeing your offering and trust that it is affordable!

    All the best!

    1. You’re welcome Sandra, more details coming next week.

  123. Hi Will,
    Your course sounds perfect – I’ve been painting in acrylics for a while, but self-taught. Your basics are bound to promote more confidence. Thanks! Pls send info!

  124. I will be signing up! Over Christmas break I painted a small picture of a pronghorn antelope. The picture turned out well, and I thought – yeah baby, I know what I’m doing. However, I’ve been working on another painting, making mistake after mistake, and repainting it several times. Time to actually get some training in regards to painting. I’m 62 and know that I will learn how to paint eventually.

    1. Good one Christine, pleased you’re looking forward to it.

  125. I would like more details, please Will.

    Thank you for your continued encouragement.


  126. Hi Will,
    I have watched several of your online lessons and enjoyed them very much. I am mostly an expressionistic/abstract artist with acrylics and have been painting a while. I am not an absolute beginner, but was wondering if I might still benefit from your lessons… What do you think?

    1. Hi Connie, you might find the first few lessons a little basic due to your current painting experience as it is aimed at a complete beginner to painting, but it depends if you want to put a more realist style into your work because the demonstrations are based on a classical representational approach, with a introduction to abstraction.
      Hope this helps,


  127. I am 65 yrs old. How i wish to learn drawing, sketching, and painting on canvass using acrylic. My goal is to learn and sell my artbwork. So eager for your course. Thank you so much.

  128. Very interested.

  129. Hi Will
    what an excellent article. I have purchased both of your drawing courses and the colour mixing course. I have only got halfway through the beginners drawing course so far. I purchased these last year!! My New Years Resolution is to complete all three courses. I consider myself a fairly competent acrylic painter however I am plagued with doubt about my ability and skills. My dad is an Artist and was professionally trained and also taught Art for 24 years. He is 79 and still paints regularly. I am doing a painting at the moment that I have painted over 3 times with Gesso because I wasn’t happy with it and I am still not 100% happy with it. I love everything art and love to paint but feel like I am missing the point and not sure why.
    Your website is brilliant and I love your articles. Hope you can help with some pearls of wisdom. Also can I send you a photo of my current painting as I would appreciate you comments.

    1. Thanks Wendy, pleased you enjoyed it, sounds like you’ve got a really creative family. I’m always happy to see works created from the courses, but can’t offer individual feedback on personal paintings due to the number of requests I receive.


  130. Will,
    As always, I am so happy to hear from you. Even though we have never met, I feel like you are an old friend across the sea!!!

    Your idea for this new course couldn’t have come at a better time!!!! I am everything that you and the others have mentioned.

    This course describes me to a tee!!! I have never had any formal training, but have a great love of Art!!! I don’t feel that I am not talented…I just have no real direction. As a child, I could always take a picture and “copy” it….take something small and blow it up to a much bigger size. But, I don’t think of a painting that comes out of my own head….

    I’ve worked for years and took care of my ailing parents and siblings and never had the time to do the things that I wanted to pursue…Now, I’m finally at that stage, and I went into it with a bang…..but, I didn’t do anything in the proper order….Little by little, I’ve saved up supplies when there were sales …so I have paints and brushes…even some big canvases…because I REALLY am ready to jump into doing something BIG!! So, I just jumped in and painted like crazy for a while….watercolor …then acrylic…but, I never took a drawing course….I just draw, but I have no direction…and freeze when it comes time to drawing on top of my painted background with pencil or charcoal…I freeze when it’s time to draw that BIG drawing onto my Big canvases that are sitting there waiting to become masterpieces….I don’t know how to get it centered…well, I do know and have watched videos on how to draw vertical and horizontal lines and fill them in, but I can’t seem to put that pencil to the canvas..

    I’ve already painted several paintings, entered exhibits and even won, but can’t get past the basics ….I’ve watched your How to Paint like Monet class numerous times and even downloaded it….I have the canvas and paints all ready….and even painted the ground in Ochre….but, can’t do the drawing of a few lines….some fear sets in…don’t know why…I know that I could paint it once it’s been drawn…It’s the drawing that I can’t seem to approach.

    I’ve wanted to paint a big cow onto one of my big canvases, but am afraid I’ll cut off it’s ear…

    Haven’t painted since last winter, but paint in my head all the time….Am going to enter an Exhibit for March and have to paint 3 new paintings….

    Once again, you’ve come in the knick of time….I don’t know why I procrastinate so badly…I’ve purchased a couple of your courses, and regret a few that I have let pass by during your special offer, but I felt like I’m mounting them up and haven’t even done them yet.

    I think this may be the course that I need badly….Looking forward to your email next Monday…and, am interested to know the cost of the course and other details….

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, my dear friend, across the sea…for never giving up on us!!! I, so, love to get your emails and watch your lessons…I even tell like-minded art-inspired friends about you all the time and encourage them to watch you.
    Now, I just have to get cracking and get my ducks in a row….I kept thinking that I would do it when the next snow storm came, but it came yesterday…and, I’m still not painting…I’m also in a very small space and have to use the kitchen table as my “studio”, so that cramps my style…

    Well, Will, I know this has been a long-winded message, but sometimes I feel like I’m sitting here hanging out with an old friend having a cup of tea and trading stories…
    You have yourself to blame for that for making us all feel so welcome like an old friend.

    God bless you, Will …..and, so looking forward to your next email.

    Good luck with your new launch.

    Your friend,
    Mary Goldman

    1. Hi Mary, well what a lovely message, so pleased you enjoyed the article, but sad to hear that you’re getting soooo close Mary with the paintings – without getting those colours on the canvas! The drawing ‘going wrong’ can be a big fear, but every one of my drawings still ‘goes wrong’ it’s just the adjustments I now make are smaller that when I first began. That’s also the other thing to remember with painting, I very, very rarely mix a colour, paint it straight onto the canvas, leave it and say perfect. The painting evolves and changes as it progresses.

      On this course I have included my line drawings so it gives students a guide to work from, as drawing out can be a skill in itself and I know that stage alone can hold up even the most enthusiastic painter!

      I’ll post more details on the course soon and we can have a virtual brew!

      Speak soon,

  131. Excellent article! Anyone who confesses to leaving the last page of their dissertation under the printer has got my vote. I don’t so much procastinate as I allow other things to take up time that I used to reserve for art (if that makes sense). I look forward to your course. Maybe it’ll be a Valentine’s gift to myself. Hmm……

    1. Thanks very much Greg, really pleased you enjoyed it.

  132. Hi Will,
    Your courses have helped me so much to get over the first hurdle and get back into painting. I’m still so fearful tho, a real impediment. Your description of us procrastinators is so accurate, and like you said, I’ve amassed lots of supplies in my desire to paint, but most of them sit unused. Looking forward to this course!

    1. Great to hear it Martha, so pleased you’ve found the courses helpful.

  133. You mentioned a studio…please elaborate on that, from minimum size to work in, what it should consist of, where the “tools of the trade” go, etc., details, details, details. I tend to paint on my kitchen/dining area table which means I constantly have to clear it off completely before I eat. One spare room I have is a small den; one wall is decorator built-in shelves floor to ceiling, with attractive objects and bound books. Anyway, everything is really pretty in that room, which is dark! One smallish window facing north that a neighbor can look directly into from her house so it is always covered with a non-sheer curtain. Any advice for a studio, please help.

    1. Hi Nina, any space that has a good light illumination level will be great, more details coming soon.

  134. Hi Will

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, what you had to say is so true. For me I find that I overwhelm myself and then I do nothing lol I love to paint I am just learning but I find it relaxes me. I live in a small little town well just outside, and I was getting bored and painting lessons came up at the community center, which I found I really enjoyed. One problem when I am not taking the lessons I am not painting, I am not discipline enough, and I really do not have the space which would allow me to leave my paints and pallet all set up. Then my friend connected me with you and now I am excited again. Thanks for listening :)

    1. Hi Carolyn, nice to hear from you, yes, keeping that momentum going between classes can be hard, pleased you’ve been finding the site helpful.

  135. Hi Will,
    I just want to thank you for all of the hard work you have put into your site and videos. I have learned so much from you. I have been teaching myself to paint these last few years and your instruction has been just what I have needed, bearing in mind there are not many classes (evening) to go to where I live. I have just started a watercolour class, it was the only class available that I could attend, and already it has made a difference to me as I am able to see what the teacher is doing: how to hold the brush, how much paint to use, etc. The results are good and I only started my class last night! I never thought I had any talent as a painter, so I guess that you could say that I procrastinated for my whole life until a few years ago! I would love to buy your Absolute Beginners Course. It is a great idea and hopefully I will be able to loosen up and improve my painting. Will keep checking your website for details.

    1. Hi Arlene, thanks very much, sounds like your watercolour class is going to put you in a great position to really progress quickly with acrylics, more details on the new course coming soon.

  136. I would like more details, please.

  137. Hi Will,
    I love reading your emails they are so informative. I didnt think I was an absolute beginner but after reading your post I guess I am, we are always learning new things.
    I look forward to your next article on just that so I can paint without sitting staring at the blank white page not knowing where or what to paint!

    1. Cheers Karen, thanks very much, pleased you’ve been enjoying them and facing that blank canvas is the first step to a breakthrough!

  138. Hi Will,

    Am really looking forward to this course! It’s just what I need to get back into “it” after getting really down about a painting I was working on. Found you on the internet awhile ago and really enjoy your website. Your teaching style is wonderful – as a visual learner I love the video tutorials.


    1. Hi Kylie, great to hear it, and thanks so much for your kind comments. Sometimes a painting can push you off the wagon! and just starting that creative habit again can make all the difference.
      Speak soon,

  139. Hi Will! i have been painting with acrylic on my own ,self taught, please send me the email with the price list as well, i am interested , want to give it a go this time hoping i will afford the cost from far here in Zimbabwe .

    1. Hi Janet, pricing details coming soon, and I’ll be running a launch week offer on the new course.
      speak soon,

  140. I am so happy to have found this site!! Was really feeling down on myself about my work lately. I would love to be apart of this class!! Please send details. Thank you very much!!

    1. Hi Heather, nice to hear from you and so pleased you’ve been finding the site helpful for your painting and moving your work forward. I’ll be adding more details on the course in the next few days.

  141. Please put my name on your list of prospective students. I need to now the charges for the course. Am very interested. Thank you.


    1. Hi Alyce, great stuff, if you add your contact details in the ‘free updates’ box on the top right hand side of the blog you’ll be all set to receive instant updates.

  142. Hey Will,
    I have really enjoyed the free lessons on willkempartschool.com site.
    I was an art major MANY years ago. Before I finished school, I was married with 2 children. I went back to school years later. I became a RN and after I finished a graduate program became a nurse practitioner. I did very little art during these years.
    Unfortunately, I am now disabled and unable to work in medicine anymore. However, I now have time to draw and paint again. I have an area for a studio and have everything I need to start creating again. But, I am paralyzed with the fear of failing and the reality of how rusty I’ve become.
    I think your new course might be what the nurse practitioner needs to order to cure her paralysis.
    Thank you.

    1. Hey Susan, really pleased you’ve been enjoying the lessons. I think you’ll be surprised in what you will achieve when we just take a simple, step-by-step approach with the paintings. It sound like with your past experience you’ll pick up the skills again really quickly, and, more importantly, really enjoy the process instead of feeling a fear towards it.
      speak soon,

  143. Sounds interesting! Just tried to launch our Procrastinator Club!
    Yet to set up first meeting! Lol
    U know us too well. Long to hear about it.
    Keep me posted on ur launch.
    Claude Laverdiere

    1. Ha, ha, good one Claude, I’ll have all the details on the course on Monday (or Tuesday!)

  144. Hello. I can’t find a a place on your site that allows us to subscribe to your posts. Help!!

    1. Hi Ryan, there is a ‘free updates’ box on the top-right of the page where you can subscribe for email updates.

  145. I am interested in the class beginning Feb 2 and would like more details. Do I need to
    allow the entire day as I have an appt. in the afternoon – it can be rescheduled if necessary.
    How will this class work – details, please. Tx

    1. Hi Gail, the course is launching on the 2nd, but it will be a downloadable video course that can fit in with your own schedule.
      Once you have downloaded it you can watch it whenever you like, either following the lessons one day at a time, or once a week. Whatever suits in best with you. And you’ll own the videos forever, so you can watch it again in the future for any refreshers. There will be a launch week offer over the whole of next week so you wouldn’t need to reschedule your appointments.
      Hope this helps,


  146. How frustrating. All this info and encouragement but no details re cost and how you propose to run the course. How many lessons and for how long? Weekly? Monthly? Look forward to hearing from you and as it begins next monday would love to have the details so that I can make that decision – to go for or not go for it.

    1. Hi Carys, glad you enjoyed the article, the course launches Monday, but will be available all week at a launch week offer price. The course is a series of 7 downloadable video lessons.
      Once you have downloaded them onto your computer you can watch them whenever you like, either following the lessons one day at a time, once a week or however fits in best with you. You’ll own the videos forever, so you can watch them again in the future for any refreshers. I will be sending full details out including pricing next week.
      Hope this helps,


  147. Hello Will,
    I just would like you to know that you have helped and inspired me to continue using acrylics in painting. I almost threw my paint tubes and almost give up on my dream to be an artist. I always check on your site to continue learning and I hope you won’t stop teaching. I also hope you could have a yearly tour in diff countries, perhaps include the Philippines, to reach out to artists like you. God bless..

    1. Hey Janice, thanks for taking the time to let me know, appreciate it. Really pleased its helped you continue on developing your paintings.

  148. Hi Will,

    Reading the last two post has already answered my questions.
    I am interested in the course and look forward to the up-coming details.
    Thanks Will, have a great day

    regards Barb

  149. How did you know? I stopped “trying” two weeks prior to Christmas and I’ve found every excuse in the book not to get back at it. The reason – I don’t know what to do next! Love the color, the process, the feeling but I am procrastinating. Thank you Will. I will be starting with you again in a few days.

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