New Absolute Beginners Drawing Class

Absolute Beginners Drawing Course

Sketch by Will Kemp, whilst eating gelato in Rome

Step-by-step Online drawing instruction course

I’m developing a New Absolute Beginners Drawing Class to help aspiring artists to fulfill their creative potential.

If you’re here from Lateral Action 7 ways learning to draw can improve your productivity then hello!

The reason I’m creating this easy to follow, on-line video course is to help frustrated artists find a way to express themselves by drawing with confidence.

With over 3 hours of tuition from Will, you can go on a creative journey to discover that you can pick up a pencil, wherever, whenever and actually start drawing…

As a teacher the 3 most common drawing problems students come to me with are:

1. I can’t draw

  • It is a myth that artists are born being able to draw, it is a skill that can be learnt.
  • Filmed in real time with simple lessons. Revisit each lesson as many times as you need until you ‘get it’
  • Erasers are not the enemy, in fact, they can be key in shaping your work.

2. I don’t know what to draw!

  • Downloadable high-resolution images to work from
  • Compositions and perspective made easy with Will to give the best results possible
  • Stops procrastination by giving you 6 bite-size video tutorials that produce successful results alongside home-study worksheets.

3. Lack of time

  • Clear time indication on each lesson so you can be productive in your creativity.
  • Access it anywhere, computer or download to your ipad
  • No planning needed, everything has been worked out to produce the best results in the shortest amount of time

Learning to see

I know what you’re thinking… Sure.. you’ve taught some people to draw but they were already o.k and I’m really bad…I mean so bad I draw stickmen and even they’re wrong.

Well, I can tell you if you can sign your name, drive a car or catch a ball, then you can learn to draw.

It is not the ‘holding the pencil’ or ‘choosing the right paper’ it’s a question of learning to see, really see.

What will I learn on this course ?

In my opinion drawing success comes down to 3 specific things, shape, simplicity and structure.

I want to focus on a very specific, yet simple set of principles that will give you instant results and give you the confidence to say ‘I know how to draw that’, even if your practical skills haven’t yet caught up with your new drawing knowledge.

The pleasure of drawing is in the adventure itself.

I hope to show you there is even pleasure derived when dealing with the pitfalls, the near misses and triumphing over perspective.

I can’t tell you how many drawings I’ve done that I thought were perfect at the time but on reflection, my vision was somewhat distorted but how happily absorbed I’ve been in their creation and how thrilling it is to see something clearly for the first time and say, ‘I’ve never seen that before!

  • Shape – by focusing on the shapes of the objects (and more importantly the shapes between the objects) you will be able to view drawing  a subject with a whole new outlook and focus.
  •  Simplicity – I’m keen on you getting results. So I want to concentrate on simple subjects and drawing techniques that will teach you the fundamentals of drawing yet still be very powerful when used together.
  •  Structure – by delivering each consecutive lesson you will have a step-by-step structure that is easy to follow, without being overwhelming. Each lesson is split into 2-3 smaller sections alongside worksheets and drawing assignments.

I’ve taught drawing for over 10 years and all my students have had amazing journeys, from going on to study Fine Art Degrees to selling their work.

But what all of them gained was a new outlook on the world (and a holiday album full of sketches rather than photos.)

If you’re interested in joining me on the Absolute Beginners Drawing Class then Click here to learn more.

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  1. Zach Munroe

    I cant wait for you to start this course! I really love to draw and some tips from a professional would really help!

    1. Will Kemp

      Hi Zach,
      Great to hear you’re interested in the course.
      I’m putting together some more detailed information in the next week so will keep you updated.

  2. Anne theriault

    I seriously cannot draw at all.
    Is there any hope?

    1. Will Kemp

      Hello Anne,
      Yes there is hope! Anyone can learn to draw, we just have to change your perception and the way you see things to enable you to create a drawing you are proud of.

  3. Sara

    Sounds interesting. I’m thinking about it. Sara

  4. Gloria Chin

    I find the tips very informative.

    1. Will Kemp

      Hi Gloria,

      Pleased to hear you’re finding all the tips useful in your art.


  5. Harsh Wardhan Gunthey

    Hey I am absolute beginner as far as drawing is concern and I want to make my career in Industrial Designing do you think is it achievable.

    1. Will Kemp

      Hi Harsh, it is definetly achievable to make your career in industrial design, however, this course is aimed towards painters who would like to improve their drawing and has quite a sketchy approach.


  6. Rob

    Hi I am from Australia and I wondered if your beginner course is still available.


    1. Will Kemp

      Hi Rob, yes, the beginners drawing course is still available, there are now 2 options. An ‘instant access’ course that gives you access to all 6 lessons straight away, or a ‘tutor aupported’ where you get access to 1 lesson a week and personal video feedback from me on your drawings.

      Hooe this helps,

  7. Raffaele Baronchelli

    Hi Will,

    first of all thank you for this awesome and super useful website.

    Your sketch is beautiful! (Rome is amazing)

    I see you have traveled several places in Italy, I have the luck to live in Italy, near Lake of Garda. Gelato is good here too, not only in Rome :D

    I am planning to learn how to paint but as you said, learning to draw is paramount for good results.

    I wanted to ask you, how can I improve fast in drawing? I alredy have some basis, what I lack is experience. Is it more useful making a full sketch every time or many sketch of parts of body, or a house for example?

    You are a great inspiration to me!

    Thank you in advance and have a nice day,


    1. Will Kemp

      Hi Raffaele,

      Sounds like you have some fantastic scenery around you and of course some fantastic Gelato! For improving your drawing skills, it’s often best to concentrate on one subject to start with, rather than getting distracted with lots of different subjects. Just landscapes, or just building, or just still life’s. This way you can progress quickly in a small focus of a subject matter and it will give you confidence to then more on to different subjects.
      Hope this helps,


  8. Nycki

    I have seen the question asked and answered before, but as a devout left brainer..I have to admit it seems impossible that I could learn to draw. You think anyone can learn to draw? Better yet, do you think anyone can learn to draw the things they see in their head onto paper?
    I do have a creative side and sometimes have the most fabulous ideas…but there is a disconnect between my brain and my drawing ability. I would love to be able to not only draw what I see in front of me…but what I see in my head as well.

    1. Will Kemp

      Hi Nycki, the course focused on observational drawing of what’s in front of you and doesn’t look at drawing from memory or concept drawings. It’s more of a classical approach for developing drawing skills for observational paintings.

  9. lina

    I am interested in reading more about this class.

  10. Stacy

    My new favorite artist, Will Kemp! I know you don’t know me but you have wowed me! I love your web page, stories and what you offer for aspiring artists like myself. I am excited to have found you in my journey of art.
    Thank you!

    1. Will Kemp

      That’s great to hear Stacy, so pleased you’ve been enjoying the site.

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