Thanksgiving Thanks for 2019!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to thank all the students and well-wishers for the positivity that has come through the Art School blog this year.

It’s so inspiring to hear about students that have found their way back to drawing and painting – after life got in the way of their creativity.

The progress that students are making daily is truly inspirational for me as a tutor and puts my day on a high, when I open my inbox to see students painting success.

Have a great weekend!



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  1. Jack Wharton

    I’m thankful for you, Will! And grateful for the discount. Just enrolled in your portraiture class. Between that other learning site and direct enrollment here, I’m enjoying most all of your classes and teaching in drawing & painting.

    Q: Have you and/or would you consider offering a sequence of acrylic painting courses based solely on black/white/gray hues? You stated in one of your lessons that the first 12-months of traditional painting-study involves no color. I’d love to study in that manner for a class or two.

    I’ve been playing with Golden’s total* range of (acrylics) Munsell scale neutrals, but I’d rather study and paint with your excellent guidance… Just a thought. Thanks again. Cheers, Jack in Seattle

    *except for N9 Neutral Gray (but easily mixed 7:1, titanium white:N8 neutral gray)

    1. Will Kemp

      Hey Jack, great to hear from you and pleased you’ve been enjoying the lessons, yes black and white is a great way to learn and good to know a series would be on interest to you. On the Venice course, I demonstrate a ‘poster study’ using the Golden greys and a couple of exercises that look at judging grey values using the Golden paints. (If you click on the second image on the page above you can see an example of it)
      Hope this helps,


  2. Jack Wharton

    Very helpful, Will. Thanks. I just purchased your Venice Light & Landscape course, and appreciate the Thanksgiving discount on this one too. Now it’s time for me to grab a brew, a couple of biscuits, and really get cracking! Cheers

    1. Will Kemp

      Good one Jack, really hope you enjoy the course, yes definitely brew and biscuit weather here at the mo! Forgot to say, this lesson on a Winter scene looks at how you can use the Golden neutrals incorporated with a wider colour range for a snow scene

  3. Jack Wharton

    Snow! Perfect. Another awesome lesson!

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