Studio Notes // 004: Monumental Art and Modern Still Life

Every few weeks, I share my top art inspirations that I’ve read, experimented with or listened to. Here’s this weeks edition of things I enjoyed when I should have been at the easel, with the hope they might inspire your own work too…

I’ve enjoyed watching:

Documentary: Christo and Jeanne Claude: Monumental Art

I found this a really inspirational journey, documenting the lengths and dedication that artists can go to, to bring their vision to life. Christo’s projects are self-funded by his own preparatory drawings, and some of the planning stages span over 10yrs for the installation of art pieces that are temporary in nature. The scale and impact of the pieces are awesome!

Art finds:

Artemisia Gentileschi, Self Portrait as Saint Catherine of Alexandria (detail),

The National Gallery, London, has a page dedicated to the latest arrivals into their collection. A recent highlight is this beautiful self-portrait by Artemisia Gentileschi. Students painting with the grisaille portrait method (from the Oil Portrait Glazing Course) may be interested in having a zoom in on the face, and you can just make out the underlying grey tones.

(You can learn more about the oil grisaille method in this series of blog posts.)

On my Easel this week:

I’ve been in the studio working on a couple of new courses looking at a modern & classical still life using a limited palette of materials. Inspired by our one hour morning paintings, the modern composition should be released first, hopefully in the next month or so.

Have a creative week!


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  1. Mark

    Hi Will, always look forward to your emails, thank you, hope you have a great week.


  2. Vicky

    Thanks for the interesting newsletter. Really excited to see your new upcoming classes! Best wishes, Vicky

    1. Will Kemp

      Cheers Vicky, pleased you’re looking forward to it.

  3. Linda

    Hi Will, how exciting, I’m really keen to do the modern still life course!

    1. Will Kemp

      Great stuff Linda, pleased you’re looking forward to it.

  4. Cecilia

    How can we then keep up with so much clear and wonderful art training, Will? Will I have to enjoy your courses for a very looong time (given my snail pace)? Well then I shall! :) thanks for everything
    p.s. so many museums waiting for us this summer (going to Alte Pinacothek in Munich for Van Gogh’s sunflower and Durer’s self-portrait)

    1. Will Kemp

      Sounds like a great art trip you’ve got planned Cecilia, hope you have a great time.

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