Student Success Stories – Cornish Harbour

Student Success Stories – Cornish Harbour

Below is a gallery of students’ work that has been inspired by the Cornish Harbour in Acrylics Tutorial.

If you’ve completed the tutorial yourself drop me an email, and I’ll add it to the page!

Carmen Martin – Fab reflections in the water

Giseli Muleta – great abstract quality to the water

Laura Fowler

Amy Accurso – Fab colours in the water and a really nice painterly feel.

Adana Virna – The reflections look absolutely fabulous and the boats look amazing. It makes me want to book a holiday!

Carolyn Nicholls – This is a painting of Guernsey, Carole followed the same principles from the Cornish Harbour tutorial. There is such movement in the water, the colour palette has been well-judged, and the sky colours and sea all work together really well.

Richard Clarke – Excellent deft handling of the reflection of the mast in the water, and love all the dashes of red of people busy along the harbour side.

Kara Spencer – What a great little painting! It can appear quite complicated due to their varying layers and introduction of colours, but there is a beautiful banding of colours from the warm greens on the tree line, to the crisper greens at the top of the water and then the vibrant turquoise below. There’s a nice painterly feel to the piece, great job!

James Hamm – Wow, this is looking fab! Like how Jamie has kept a boldness to the brush marks. The colours on the buildings are lovely with that light ochre colour; it works well to set the building back from the viewer enabling the red to ‘pop’, nicely handled. The main focus of the boats draws our attention but still sits in balance to the rest of the painting.

Joe Choiniere – Amazing movement and texture in this painting, it feels like the boats are eager to hit the water! and the pinky warmth in the sky gives us that sense of time and place.

Stephen Cook – Love the bold colours along the roofline and the handling of the treeline is lovely. The broken edges on the trees have been handled well.

Diane Thomas – This Cornish painting is looking great! Love the pink tones in the sky, and the turquoise colour mixing in the water is excellent. The reflections look so convincing, and our eye is drawn to the main focus of the boat in the composition. There was quite a lot going on in the composition but Diane has brought the painting together really well.

Kai-Jörg Sommer- The perspective on the houses are well-judged, and the water has worked particularly well giving that sense of layers in the surface quality of the sea. Delicate balance between the subtle yellows and greys of the buildings (I like the cool blues on the white buildings in shadow) and the more vibrant Phthalo Blue. A real sense of impressionistic realism, great little painting.

Robin Ploeg – Lovely paintwork on this harbour scene, the colours on the buildings spot on. The trees are well-judged in the tones in the greens, and they set back from the viewer enabling the red to pop. I also like the details of the window frames which give us an insight into the character of the building.

Greg Burns – The water and reflections have worked so well in this harbour scene, and the tones on the buildings are excellent. Love those pinky hues again in the sky that give that real luminosity of colour to the painting. Great work!

Sue Callahan – Sue has captured the scale and setting to the harbour so well. The reflections work brilliantly and the figures really add life to the scene.