A Thanksgiving Thanks!


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to thank all the comments, questions, students and well wishers that have helped the blog to grow over the last year.

We now have over 100,000 visitors a month and we’ve gone from 500,000 views to just short of hitting nearly hit the 2,000,000 views on YouTube, Woohoo!

It’s so inspiring for me to hear stories of students that have found their way back to painting – after life got in the way of their creativity…

From 13 year old’s having troubles mixing greens at school to 93 year old’s still exhibiting their work!

The creativity and progress that students are making daily is truly awesome for me as a tutor and puts my day on a high, when I open my mailbox to see a students painting success.

So a huge thanks for your kind words, support and creativity.

In the spirit of thanksgiving, me and Vanessa are off to Constable country in Essex to spend time with our family and we’ll pass the door of Wivenhoe House set in Wivenhoe Park, painted by John Constable in 1816.

wivenhoe hallJohn Constable, Wivenhoe Park, Essex, Oil on Canvas, 1816

Wivenhoe house (the pink building in the painting) just so happen to offer a festive afternoon tea that’s got our name on it!

Have a great weekend,


p.s I’ve been working hard on a Christmas ‘How to paint coloured glass mini course’ which should be launched in the next couple of weeks, I’ll keep you posted.



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  1. Enjoy your vacation, I’m sure it will be inspiring. I can’t wait to dive into your classes. I’m just a beginner who can’t stop painting. I love it!!!!!


    1. Thanks Shelly, enjoy the courses!


  2. Thank you ever so much. I have painted the cherry in the free video and am studying the purchased classes on colour and the seascape . You are a wonderful teacher and easy to follow. Thank you for the discount!

    1. You’re welcome Brenda, thanks for your kind words, so pleased you’ve been enjoying the courses.


  3. Hello Will,

    I thank you for your generosity, I just bought your Masterclasse course that I know will be a perfection of teaching and will allow me to paint much better than if I was trying to paint alone oranges.

    You have an innate sense of pedagogy and each time I learn much thanks to you… your first course on the cup of tea was awesome, and then never I thought would be able to make a portrait in grisaille and thanks to you, I was able to paint one color.

    Thanks Will, and I wish Vanessa and you beautiful and good holidays in your beautiful English countryside :))

    I kiss you on each cheek as we do in France :)

    1. Bonjour Christel,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments on the courses and kind words about my teaching style.

      I’m so pleased you can see your painting progress as well as enjoying the process.

      Bisoux back to you and Vanessa has recently taken up French lessons with a local lady, so is walking around the house pretending to order tea and coffee as if she was in a French cafe!



  4. Your videos on You Tube were so good that I decided to begin painting, at my age! Then I shared them with my brother who is also starting to paint again.
    We are both subscribers now. We love your enthusiasm and that you show us the mixing of the colors, along with the painting demo’s. It’s so very helpful to us beginners.
    Love your work, and you film so adorably!

    1. Hey Sherrie, so pleased you’ve been inspired by the Youtube painting videos to start painting again, and thanks for spreading the word to your brother!


  5. Congratulations on your success, Will – you deserve it! You offer so much value on your blog and give so much away for nothing.

    I just love all your stuff and you’ve inspired me to get back to painting. (Life certainly has gotten in the way – special needs kids, work, blah, blah, blah… )

    Anyway… how cool is it that you’re having tea at Wivenhoe House??? :) Have a wonderful time!

    1. Thanks very much Lois, very kind of you to say so and really pleased you’ve found value in the articles and tutorials on the blog. Looking forward to some refined tea!


  6. How cool~! I have learned so much from your instruction and your teaching style is great – easy to follow and really shows how to do accomplish things. I would never have tried “crazy” things like glazing or palette knife without some kick in the pants and a brew. :) I’ve taken the Seascape and Art of Acrylics Beginners course. What a treat to get a discount on the acrylic still life masterclass! Thanks Will and have a lovely vacation.

    1. Thanks Nancy, so pleased you’ve been enjoying the lessons and pushing through your comfort zone with your paintings!

      Enjoy the Masterclass.


  7. Okay Will – so you moved me from a pen & ink artist who had never painted, into an acrylic canvas killer.

    You got me going by painting the cherry, and then the teacup lemon and jug. How you did it I don’t know, but it worked, because painting 13, 14, 15 and 16 (All Japanese style still life) acrylic on canvas were bought for the set of the US TV series, “Hawaii 5 ‘O’ “. Since then I have had to paint #16 three more times for clients.

    I shall have a go at the portraits course … and see where you take me on that! Tomorrow the World!

    Thanks for everything, Will. Enjoy the break!


    1. Book Em’Danno!!

      Great work John, fantastic news on your sales, so pleased to hear of your success with your acrylic paintings.
      Maybe the next gig could be an on location portrait artist? Honolulu would be a great backdrop!

      Thanks for sharing your success


  8. Hi Will
    I have newly discovered your website and I am LOVING it! I am brand new and have just returned from Michaels with the supplies I need to start the landscape for beginners that you have with the free videos….your whole site is fantastic and I am looking forward to working through your free courses to get my feet wet! Unfortunately the video on preparing the canvas with the color won’t play in the US? Anyway, wish me luck! :):)

    1. Hi Liz,

      Great to hear you’re enjoying working through the courses, I’m working on an updated version of the ‘coloured ground’ video at the mo, good luck with the landscape!



  9. Will, thank you for the Thanksgiving offer. With the holidays coming, I am hoping to find more time to paint, as I have today. One question: are the prices shown when each of the four offers is “clicked” the 40% off price?


    1. Hi Patti,

      You’re welcome, yes that’s right, the prices are shown when the button is clicked, but I’ve just added a new before/after price under each button.


  10. Thank you will for your encouragement and support of my efforts. I have not only rediscovered a love of painting, but am developing in a whole new and exciting direction. You have been inspirational! Thank you and I look forward to what exciting things you have to offer us in the future. Have a wonderful time and tea with family over your festive break!

    1. You’re more than welcome Eileen, it’s been a pleasure to see your progress.


  11. Like many other I to came came across the cherry tutorial, bought my bits and off I went! Its been many years since I last painted as I now work in film as a 3D animator. Over the last few years I have become sick and tired of computers and staring at a screen all day so when I came across the cherry tutorial it felt like a breath of fresh air. Ive just purchased a few more tutorials and cant wait to get back to producing some art that is actually physical and not digital.. Im sure there are many debates when it comes to digital v actual paint!

    Thanks for the inspiration Will, its much appreciated!


    1. Hi Steve,

      Great to hear from you, I just had a look at your animation work and it’s completely awesome!
      So pleased you’re finding the physical and tactile elements of creating a painting a refreshing change.

      Really hope you enjoy the lessons.

      Thanks again,

  12. Dear Will
    I have just been introduced to your website today (having popped in to a local framers to get one of my canvasses framed ) and haven’t stopped looking at your tips and videos… what an inspiration, and thank you! They are so clear and your website is so carefully presented with a great deal of thought and care… it’s a pleasure to browse through. You explain everything so clearly which is great. I only know oils, (though of course there is still masses of information you discuss which can be applied to both ) and am about to embark on my first acrylic weekend workshop in the New Year so I am looking forward to putting your video tips into practice. I think I will start with the cherry first.
    Have a great weekend in Constable country.
    With best wishes and much appreciation.

    1. Hi Caroline,

      Lovely to hear from you, and thanks for your kind comments on the website. The cherry is the perfect place to start!


  13. Hi, Will.
    Are you going for a full artist experience at Wivenhoe Park like you did in France?
    I don’t know if Constable had a memorable experience there…if not, you could start a tradition for subsequent visitors…but don’t forget to have fun along the way.

    1. Cheer Ed, we did nearly fall in Flatford Mill a couple of years ago! does that count?


  14. Hi Will,
    Many thanks for the great offer! I know I am last minute with my question but I was wondering if the oil portrait class would also benefit an acrylic painter? I am interested in the technique and the process but wonder if I would be able to apply them to acrylic painting. I hope you enjoy time with your family!

    1. Hi Cynthia,

      Nice to here from you, to answer your questions:

      Would the oil portrait class would also benefit an acrylic painter? I am interested in the technique and the process but wonder if I would be able to apply them to acrylic painting.

      You would be able to apply similar techniques to your acrylic painting, and learn about the classical approach to portraiture at the same time, but…for this specific technique it is a lot harder to achieve the same results with acrylics.


      Mainly due to drying times.

      I work with colour strings on the course so the paints are left out in the air for long periods of time, if you worked with acrylics and a stay-wet palette and a tear-off palette (a two palette combo) then you could achieve similar results.

      And the more experienced you are as a painter, the closer the results could be.

      So as your paintings are pretty good you would definitely be able to ‘read between the lines’ of where you could adapt the techniques to acrylics, but if you were a beginner in acrylics I’d be more cautious to recommend it.

      The course hasn’t been designed for acrylics, more as an introduction to using oil paints, but there are still many techniques and general knowledge of portraiture than can be used to great effect.

      Hope this helps,


      1. Thanks a ton for the speedy reply Will! It really helped with my decision. I can’t wait to start watching now :D

        1. Good one Cynthia, enjoy the portrait course.


  15. Thank you very much to you!
    My economy is weak, but you can not miss the great opportunity
    you we’re doing, and as my birthday is coming soon is a self-gift.
    I bought two courses, now just get to work.


    1. Thanks very much Luca, much appreciated. Looking forward to hearing how your paintings turn out.


  16. Congratulations on the success of your website. Just want to say thanks for the critique you gave of my black and white self-portrait last month.

    Another thanks is for the portrait palette suggestions in one of your previous posts. I’ve been using it recently and am amazed at not only how fast I can paint, but also the colour relations as a result. I keep returning to your blog to see what other tips and tutorials you have regularly.

    What I would like to hear more about is pursuing a classical art education , in the UK and abroad. It’s something that I’ve set my sights on but the price is off putting. How did you go about applying for the funding and planning it etc.?


    1. Hi Carmel,

      Nice to hear from you, and thanks for your kind words on the site. So pleased you’ve been achieving good results with the limited palette.

      And thanks for the suggestion on an article about pursuing classical art education, I’ll add it to the list.


  17. hi will i have only just found your site and so far im very impressed with your style of teaching . i have been looking for courses in my area and online to suit my needs without any real luck . i want to purchase one of your classes but i unsure with one ould best suit me . i have only ever used pencil ! i love to sketch portraits and get it as realistic as possible my goal is to hopfully one day get my sketches to look like photographs ( the dream ) . i have no experience in colour ! and i want to add colour to my sketchs now please help any advice would b appreciated thank you !!!

    1. Hi Louise,

      Nice to hear from you, I would say the simple colour mixing course is probably the best suited to you to introduce how colours work in painting, and will give you a good foundation if you’re painting still life’s, landscapes or portraits etc. The same principles of colour mixing apply.


  18. Hi Will, I really love your website !
    Few month ago I noticed and followed your tutorials on acrylic painting, then I decided to browse you website in-depth. So I’ve been discovering an impressive mass of information.
    I’ve always been fond of drawing and painting, but I’ve got just a very basic training on drawing and I’m a self-educated painter. Recently I bought one of your online course, and I hope to share asap my new experiences.
    Many thanks for the time you spend as our inspirational tutor.
    Thanks to the other followers for their questions and comments as well – I’d like to joint Carmel’s request about a classical art education.


    1. Hi Patrizia,

      Really pleased you’ve been enjoying the site and hope you’re enjoying working through the course.


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