Student Success Stories – Impressionistic Apples

Student Success Stories – Impressionistic Apples

Below is a gallery of students’ work that has been inspired by the Free How to Loosen up your Acrylic Paintings – Impressionistic Apple Tutorial

If you’ve completed the painting yourself, drop me an email, and I’ll add it to the page!

Francis Foley

Andrew Griffiths

Jill Proctor

Sally Ellsworth

Ilene Malt

Robert Nunn

Ann Parsons

Amra (tempera on laminated paper)

Kathie Wiederspan (Kathie has worked with watercolours and pastels, but this was her first acrylic painting! amazing work with the details on the surface of the apples)

Katie Sharpe

Peony Lim

Mihai Balan – Lovely textures and a lesson in simplicity of mark

Jo Tondeur – this is an amazing achievement from Jo, with her first ever acrylic still life painting, whoop whoop!

Lenore Robson – great colour variation in the surface of the apples

Kathleen Bolster

Paul Karstens

Suraj J. Menon – This is Suraj’s 3rd ever acrylic painting! amazing work with the subtle linen stripes and painterly style.

Kiri Harris



Terri Fey

Sarah Clark

Ruth Hannley

Margarita K

Paul Witkovsky

Kay Fisher

Lynne Slatter

Judy Wrightson

Jo Pitt

Irina Eide

Elaine Marley

Deborah Anderson

Susie Bower

Christine Knill

Chiharu Fujita

Carla Parr

Brenda Devlin

Paula Jones

Bob Gallant

Andre Wattie

Sue Teggert