Student Success Stories – Colour Mixing II

Student Success Stories – Colour Mixing II

Below is a gallery of student’s work that has been inspired by the Yellow & Purple, Red & Green and Tonal Studies in The Simple Colour Mixing Acrylic Course

If you’ve completed any of the studies from the course yourself drop me an email and I’ll add it to the page!

Carminia Gutierrez

Jeane Schmidt

Faye Boychuk

Michael Hancock

Madeline Bower

Paddy Wilkinson – Fantastic glowing yellow on the lemons and the combined shape of the cast shadow really gives us that sense of directional light

Anne Wilkinson – Love the handling of the form shadow on the lemons and of the texture in the foreground had created interest and context to the setup

Peter Ballantyne – I really like the subtle difference between the cast shadow and the wooden chopping board to give us a sense of light, yet still working within a compressed colour range.

Ariel Selig –  Really great brushstrokes which have captured that lovely sense of sunlight hitting the subject. This is Ariel’s first painting, fab job!

Bob Hagger – These are looking fantastic! Love the way the cast shadow and form shadows work brilliantly together and the muted purple background really brings the piece together, great job!

Eddie New –  Love the sense of form and brushwork on the lemons, the details in cast shadows work really well.

Kathleen Georgopoulos  –  Great drawing and painterly feel, I love how balanced the colours are within the piece, it works brilliantly.

Lisa Laufer – These are looking fantastic! The lemons have really come together well with the changes in the form being so well-judged.

Tulips Still Life

Michael Hancock

Barbara Boettcher

Peter Ballantyne – The turquoise looks fab and I really like the sculptural quality of the leaves, great little painting!

Kathleen Georgopoulos –  Well balanced colours, especially working with the turquoise blue of the chair which is quite a tricky one to match, great job! The red of the tulips really ‘pop’

Eddie New – The tulips look great and really fantastic handling of the greens in the leaves with the warms and cools working really well next to each other.

Cecilia Golumbeanu

Leslie McCullough

Zai Bathina

Madeline Bower

Neutral Jugs

Jeanine Munro

Lorna Thorpe

Kirsten Grant

Madeline Bower

Cecilia Golumbeanu

Jon Millard

Leslie McCullough

Eddie New –  The subtle jug colours all play off each other

Lawrence Driscoll – I like how the clear differences in the hue that bring the form of the jug out towards the viewer

Peter Ballantyne – Really good job of observing the very subtle shifts in hue, nice brushwork too.

Bob Hagger – I absolutely love this stylised feel to the jugs, reminds me of a Morandi! Nice work Bob!

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