Would you believe you can transform your colour-mixing in a weekend?

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Have you ever stood in front of your painting, trying to mix the perfect colour, with absolutely no idea how to do it?

Are you frustrated that your mixes just don’t work? Muddy browns or vivid greens and your paintings just look wrong.

Or have you been struggling to understand colour mixing for years, sometimes getting it spot on but other times when it goes wrong, have no idea why or how to fix it?

If so, then you need to know about a simple approach that can get you the perfect colour mixes and harmony in your paintings every time – and if you don’t know about it, you’ll probably keep making the same mistakes for years to come!

Discover a Simple Colour Mixing method that works

Understanding how colour works in painting, gives you the knowledge to start mixing the perfect colour yourself in a weekend – regardless of your current level of skill.

I want to teach you a clear step-by-step approach that will give you the greatest results in the shortest amount of time.

Using the best techniques I have developed over 20 years of painting so you don’t make all the mistakes I did!

We’re just going to take it one step at a time, so let’s start at the beginning with learning the language of colour.

Simple colour mixing method is quick

When I was studying classical painting in Florence, I would often come across students that were so keen to emulate the classical techniques, they seemed to be stuck in a time warp.

One student I met, let’s call him Leonardo, was in his third year visiting a specialist art atelier summer school.

Each week of study was costing him over $1,500. His drawing was great, but he was scared stiff by colour.

Convincing himself that he would be ‘ready soon’ he kept on putting off using colour.

I asked if he was going to try painting a portrait the next day and he recoiled in shock. Tomorrow? No, I might be ready next year…to move on to charcoal!

I too love comprehensive classical education.

But that’s not what Simple Colour Mixing method is.

What does this course offer?

I’ve created 7 downloadable Video Lessons in the form of over 4 hours of video instruction, alongside a 7,000 word PDF guide which includes reference photographs, essential exercises, materials lists and tools of the trade!

Each lesson builds on your knowledge as the course progresses using a combination of colour theory and practical demonstrations, so you learn confidently and smartly.

This practical course with painting projects allows you to follow the ‘course’ chronologically and discover “Oh! so that’s how to do it” moments.

And once you’ve learnt simple theory about the chemical makeup of paint pigments we then head to Florence for an acrylic painting tutorial, so you can put your new found colour knowledge into practice!

Here is what you will discover:

  • How to judge the three elements of every colour accurately (knowing this will allow you to evaluate any pigment in minutes)
  • The importance of the colour “bias” – and how to uncover it
  • The hidden mud creator (and why it’s not always bad)
  • Some of the most important and overlooked factors when selecting colours from the art store
  • Should you use Black in your mixes? Some surprising advice
  • Exact steps to build your colour mixing confidence
  • How to craft a powerful palette (using only 5 colours)

7,000 word pdf colour mixing guide

The Artists Eye

I’ve taken care to film everything from my perspective so I could ensure you can see exactly what I’m doing as we go through the entire colour mixing process in real time.

A multimedia learning experience, video plus a comprehensive guide with high definition photography that acts as a companion to the tutorials.

It allows you to learn faster and become a more professional painter a lot sooner.

But once you grasp the simple colour mixing principles, you’ll instinctively and effortlessly start using it wherever you’re painting.

From planning the perfect pigments before you begin to knowing how to simply find your way out of a colour mixing corner.

You will be painting better pictures, mixing cleaner colours within two hours of downloading the course.

It’s a highly effective method, and it doesn’t require months or years of training or hundreds of pages of background reading before you can use it.

Who is the course for?

If you’re new to acrylic painting or have been painting for years but still have trouble mixing tonally accurate colours and judging colour harmony, then you would see instant improvements on this course.

Why? Because you would have learnt the foundations of colour theory and understand how simple it is to mix and match the perfect colour, every time.

If you’re looking for ‘cheat sheets of colour swatches’ this isn’t the course for you – there’s nothing wrong with specific recipes for colours but I believe having the tools and knowledge is far more powerful to develop as an artist.

What if I work in oil?

Although the demonstrations are in acrylics the course has been designed so you could transfer the skills and knowledge to oils. The smart palette I use is available in acrylic and oils.

Does it cover 100% of colour mixing?

No, this course takes a minimalist approach to transform a beginner or someone who feels lost with colour, to being a painter who is confident with colour mixing and colour choices.

lesson 2 colourwheel

A simple approach

I want to teach you how to mix 80% of the colours you actually need using just 4 colours – in 20% of the time.

Then you can expand your palette, adding in odd paints that achieve a specific colour effect depending on your own personal preferences.

Throughout this course, I demonstrate using a traditional, 3 primary & 3 secondary colour, colour wheel.

Understanding the properties of paint, relying on your eye and letting your new colour mixing intuitions guide you, is a fantastic way to open the world of colour.

There are other colour wheels and colour mixing systems you may come across, such as The Munsell, Quiller wheel or the Yurmby wheel.

Many realist painters and designers relying on print use the Munsell colour notation system for more technical, advanced and exact descriptions of colour.

However, I believe the traditional approach is the easiest and most straightforward to gain a full understanding of colour mixing and work like an artist rather than a technician when finding your confidence with colour.


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£45 GBP / $56 USD / 52 EURO / $75 CAD / $76 AUS
(exchange rates may vary slightly)

So how does it work?

After clicking ‘Add to Cart’ you will see a page with a ‘Check out with Paypal’ button

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    In most countries, Paypal offers an option for you to pay using Paypal, without opening a Paypal account.
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    Once you’ve paid, after a few seconds you’ll be redirected to a download page containing all the video links and Information (see image example below)

  • You will also be emailed your download link as a backup.
  • You then have to download and save the video tutorials onto your home computer, this can take up to 10 minutes for each file depending on your internet speed.
  • I’ve tried to make all the videos as user-friendly as possible so they are designed to be watched in chronological order. This way you won’t be able to get lost.
  • You do need a broadband internet connection as the video files are quite large (Total 800 MB)
  • You do not receive a DVD.

How do I download the videos onto my computer/iPad?

Download Page example

On a P.C

Hover the mouse over the orange ‘Click here’ link and ‘right-click’ your mouse. There will be an option that says ‘Save Link as’

Click this option and a box should come up saying where do you want to say the files (eg, desktop, whatever your files names are called) decide where to save them and then the file should start to download, it might take 10 minutes before it downloads fully (depending on internet speed.)

On a Mac

Click the orange ‘Click here’ link.
It will give you the option to ‘Open with’ or ‘Save file’
You want to click ‘Save as’ and the file will download into your downloads.

Can I download the videos to my iPad?

Firstly, I would download the files onto a desktop or laptop if you have one, just so you have a copy of the files.

Then you have a couple of options, either to transfer via iTunes or to purchase an app on the iPad.

Use a separate app

If you have an iPad you can use a free app called ‘Documents’ to be able to download the video files onto your iPad.

Please note: Without the app, you won’t be able to download and save the videos directly to your iPad. here is a more in-depth tutorial on how to download the lessons to an iPad.

Transferring files via iTunes

If you have a Mac you can:
1. Download the files to your desktop (or find the ones you’ve already saved)
2. Plug in iPad to Mac
3. Open iTunes
4. Drag MP4′s (video files of the course) on the Mac into TV shows or Movies
5. To Play on iPad open the Videos App then look under TV shows or Movies
6. The MP4 video files from the course should play fine.
If you’re on a PC you can download iTunes here and go through the same process.

Can I download onto my Tablet?

Not directly – to download the videos onto your tablet you need to download them to your main computer first and that transfer to your tablet via USB. Here are the instructions from one of my students:

“Here is what I did to get the files onto my Android tablet from a PC.

1. From your link I downloaded the files to my Download folder on my PC. From there I moved them to my Video folder. (which is part of the Libraries folder on Windows 7)
2.I connected my tablet via USB cable to my PC
3.Using Windows Explorer, I copied the files from the PC Video folder, to a folder on my Acer Aconia tablet called Videos.
4. To view the course on my tablet. I click on the App called Multi- media and use the Acer media video app.’

Windows explorer is a graphical file manager in the Windows operating system that displays the contents of Libraries, folders and files. I do not know if this would affect the routine or not, but my tablet is 2 years old and for newer tablets there might be an easier routine.”

Do I need a special program to watch the videos on my computer?

No. The video files are MP4 ‘s and 90% of computers/laptops will have a media player on them. If you have earlier software that doesn’t have a media player, you can download one for free.

Apple Quicktime
http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download  or VLC media player (also free) VLC Media Player  http://www.videolan.org/

To view the PDF you need Adobe reader (also free to download)

Can I download the video files and put them onto my own DVD or USB flash drive to watch on a DVD player/TV?

Yes, you can download the files onto a DVD or USB flash drive.

Downloading to a USB Flash Drive

USB-SAN-DISK-3.0You can download the files direct to a USB flash drive that will give you portability and extra storage.

Downloading to a DVD

Not all DVD players will playback Mp4 files.

There are a couple of options:

1. DVD playback on another computer:

If you burn the MP4 files onto a DVD and then play the DVD on another computer or laptop it should play without a problem if you have an up to date media player that supports MP4s.

(If you need an up to date media Player you can download one here: VLC media player (also free) VLC Media Player http://www.videolan.org/)

2. DVD playback on a DVD player with a file Converter

It depends on if your DVD player supports MP4 video files.

Many DVD players will say MP4 on the front tray, for example ‘DVD/Audio CD/DivX/MP4/MP3/’

Some older DVD player do not support MP4 because MP4 is a format with different decodes.

If you have an older DVD player you will have to convert the files using free software.

The MP4 to DVD converter from www.freemake.com is a good choice.

So after all that technical stuff we can now get colour mixing!






Here is a Downloading help page that goes through the process.