Student Success Stories – Modern Still Life

Student Success Stories – Modern Still Life

Below is a gallery of students’ work inspired by the Modern Still Life Course. 

The course introduces students to a project that can be completed in a few 1-hour sessions. This feature-packed beginner acrylic painting course is part of the Morning Paintings Series. I always feel a small sense of pride as I receive emails from students showcasing their results. Why not take a look and have a try yourself?

If you’ve completed the painting, drop me an email, and I’ll add it to the page!


Jill Proctor

Lynne Leslie

Lynn Wise

John Bottone

Jennifer Maybery

Kathleen Bolster

Cecilia Golumbeanu

Leslie Campbell

Fulya Senem Uzun


Helen Shotton

Chuck Porter

Mary Malone

Louise Jessop

Nancy Borchert

Sharon Bensen

David Wilkinson

Jenny Pawley

John Schofield

Priscilla Alden Roach

Sheila Newlands

Shelagh Thompson

Terri Fey


William Williamson

Joos Priem

Carlos de la Calleja

Thelma Winyard

Vid Mohan-Ram

Margaret Pepper

Christine Knill

Alex Amadeo

Gail Greenwood

Jacqueline Dyke

Anne Challenor-Wood

Ginny Davies

Hon, Jing Yi

Derek BRD

Jo Pitt

Jocelyn Yeo

Lawrence Driscoll

Charles P.Ball

Shirley Fargo