Student Success Stories – French Café

Student Success Stories – French Café

Below is a gallery of students work that has been inspired by the French Café Scene Acrylic Tutorial.

If you’ve completed the tutorial yourself drop me an email and I’ll add it to the page!

Helen Wu

Krystyna Szewczyk – This painting really has that warmth of France, and the subtle handling of the greens in the tree is so nice. It really has that impression of lots of leaves, just through the painterly marks. Also, the combination of the thicker, impasto marks with the fine line drawing of the cafe chairs has been accomplished really well. 

Vilda Vanseviciute – Fabulous texture in the tree and a nice sense of depth to the tables into the distance.

Richard Clarke – This looks great! can almost hear the conversation from the couple at the table! The delicate writing on the chalkboard looks brilliant and the little dashes of bright colour in the interior really add to the atmosphere.

Karin – Such vibrancy in this colour palette, the details on the upper windows is fabulous, and those dashes of turquoise balanced down to the colours on the cafe front.

Helen Kask – Love all the details of the writing on the signs and menus and the tablecloths are brilliant! Having all the shapes of the wooden chairs have been painted so well.

Cheryl – A really nice sense of depth with the tables the ellipse shapes can easily go out. Love the A-board menu, that must have been a super fine brush!

Brenda Finley – Great colour mixing in this cafe scenes! Really like how the observed the negative spaces between the tree branches to show elements of the wall colour. And brought life into the painting with the figures.

Anne Wilkinson – This looks great! Really nice handling of the subtle colours in this painting and the tonal range throughout the piece is well-judged allowing the bright reds to sit well. The tree has been handled with such a lovely delicate touch and the greens lighten to the top of the tree.

Naruemon Srisawarng – So pleased to hear the Cafe scene inspired Naruemon to paint again, and what a result! The wooden barrel in the foreground looks amazing, and the branches of the tree trunk have that organic feel to them, lovely work.

Virginia Nickle – Great job on the cafe scene! All the subtle colours and composition really brings the viewers eye into the piece. The balance between the strong blocks of colour and the delicate line-work of the chairs has worked especially well.  The salmon colour of the building in the background brings warmth into the painting.

Aditi Gupta – I like the balance between the strong block of pink in the background and the painterly marks in the foreground. Also, such careful brush handling to capture the pattern on the front of the flower box in the foreground, excellent work.