Student Success Stories – Floral Still Life

Student Success Stories – Floral Still Life

Below is a gallery of students’ work inspired by the Floral Still Life Course. If you’ve completed the painting, drop me an email, and I’ll add it to the page!

Terri Fey

Gwen Gill

Viv Aitken 

Haguette Debruyne (painted with Water-mixable Oils)

Larissa Daigle

Jun Huyan

Wendy Schmidt

Julie Vatcher

Jennifer Stewart – fabulous work on the greens, so nicely handled.

Elaine Gillespie

David Wilkinson

Linda Hawke – Fabulous brushstrokes within the flower heads

Carla Zaine

Nancy Brown – fantastic pattern of greens within the leaves

Dianne McDonald

Sue Bennett – Fantastic green colour mixing!

Marilyn Murray

John Ryan

Tracy Reed

Judie Ohm-Vernon

Barbara Boettcher

Marivone Lier

Irina Eide

David Long

Michele Russo

Sheila Newlands

Linda Burton

Alberto Griselli

Arnold Ronning

Bethany Hissong

Deborah Anderson

Martin Savitzky

Ed Rosen

Gail Knoles

Ben Owen

Gemma Kelly

Hans Gustafsson

Jan Rossington

Richard Clarke

Saskia Rowley

Jill Morris

Sonja Rukavina

Nathan McCall

Paolo Montanaro

Jude Corfield

Julie Vanasse

Karin Van Herwijnen

Marianne Lake

Mary Jerry

Michelle Kennedy