Student Success Stories – Acrylic Portrait II

Student Success Stories – Acrylic Portrait II

Below is a gallery of students’ work that has been inspired by the warmer-toned poster study in The Acrylic Portrait Course.

If you’ve completed this study from the course yourself, drop me an email, and I’ll add it to the page!

Steve Anderson – Fantastic solidity to this portrait and a sculptural quality to the lighting

Andrea O’Reilly – brilliant colour mixing and use of brushstrokes to define the form of the face.

Martin Barge – an excellent balance between the greys and warm tones around the mouth

Madeline Bower

Sonja Feldt – Really like the strong graphic shape and colour block of the jacket and shirt, next to the painterly surface of the features, nice work!

Morana Kavgic – Brilliant strong brushstrokes, it’s like the face has been carved on the canvas! A well-judged balance between the colours.

Inge Heynderickx – The strong intensity of the red helps to bring colour to our perception of the portrait. There’s is a lovely sense of light falling across the forehead as the values change across the surface.

Orla Mikkelsen – This portrait is looking just fab!  Orla has really handled the warmer colours of the skin tones well and the colour on the lips look great, especially next to the warm red/orange of the coat. Such a solid structure to the face.

Ruth – The flesh tones Ruth has mixed have got the orange threading through the piece really nicely and I love the textural feel.

Mary – Great handling of the clean colour mixes, so pleased that to hear Mary has been taking the techniques from the lessons into her own compositions.

Marjan Van Der Donk – Marjan has got a lovely touch with composition and texture, the eyes has an intense gaze that holds your focus.

Linda Gillen – Great drawing to the face and the hair has been well judged to bring the form of the head together. 

Jean Kes – Lovely colour mixing on the skin tones, I love that intense jacket colour next to the green tie.

Heather – Love the cool purples and then the warmer tones Heather’s created in this portrait, just great.

Hans Gustafsson – Love how the tones of the lips and skin tone have been judged, it shows a real sensitivity. It’s hard to believe this is one of Han’s first acrylic portraits!

Fiona Bisset – Brilliant variety of the skin tones and a sense of changes in structure as the features move away from the light.

Debbie – Lovely colour mixing on the skin tones again, it really brings out the face and that character.

Cheryl – Excellent expression and it really feels as if Zorn is about the say something to us! Really like the blush of pink on his cheek, it has a real delicacy to it. 

Brenda – Lovely colour balance on the skin tones with the rich colours on the lips and jacket brings a warmth to the composition

Ben East – Great to hear how Ben’s been incorporating the methods from the course into his own subjects, also how his palette has progressed from the earlier cooler portrait with stronger warmer skin tones.

Aya – Brilliant to see this painting, Aya has really captured the softness of brush handling. It has the essence of an antique photo, has worked brilliantly!

Alberto Griselli – The features of the face have been really well observed, I love how Alberto has got the values working so weel to give that sense of light on the sitter, really great work!

Adana Virna – Really great intense red colour of the Jacket which has been nicely balanced with Adana’s painterly handling of the face, brilliant! 

Justin Johnson – Justin’s drawing looks really good and has managed to capture real character to the eyes, Fab introduction of the light on the right side of the face that adds an extra dimension to the portrait

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