Student Success Stories – Sunlit Room

Student Success Stories – Sunlit Room

Below is a gallery of students’ work that has been inspired by the How to Paint a Sunlit Room, Balancing Warm and Cool Light Acrylic Tutorial.

If you’ve completed the tutorial yourself, drop me an email, and I’ll add it to the page!

Terri Fey

Laura Fowler

Suzanne Davis – This sunlit interior has that lovely balance of dark and light with the warmth from the sunlight really showing through, beautiful work!

Alan Howlett – The colour palette looks great! the flowers look full of colour and life and I like how these colours have been continued through to the rest of the composition.

Richard Clarke – Lovely details on the flowers, how the wall light has just blushed the surface, and the little dashes of reflected light on the chair and floor work perfectly.

Mary L. Tabor – Fantastic energy in Mary’s painting, with the sun dazzling through the doorway, inviting you in through the corridor

Huguette Debruyne – This sunlit interior looks brilliant, it’s really captured the mood of the building and love the reflections on the chairs and tabletop. There is a quiet contemplation about the scene. The reflections in the glass vase have a real elegance to them