Student Success Stories – Scottish Croft

Student Success Stories – Beginners Acrylic – Scottish Croft

Below is a gallery of students’ work inspired by the Scottish Croft tutorial on The Absolute Beginners Acrylic Course.

The Scottish Croft study is one of the project tutorials in this comprehensive course designed to help absolute beginners on their journey with acrylic paints. I’m always inspired to see my students’ progress through these acrylic painting courses.

If you’ve completed the painting, drop me an email, and I’ll add it to the page!

Phil Diepenbrock

Louise Blake

Nikki Bell – This is Nikki’s first ever painting! amazing stuff.

Michelle Rudd

Hannele Lehtoranta (this is Hannele’s first acrylic painting ever )

Carmen Martin

Jennifer Maybery

Peony Lim

Judy Wrightson

Joanne Fielding

Martin Barge

Gail Greenwood

Lydia Verdeny

Terri Fey

Patricia Spencer

Barbara Mayo


Peter Ballantyne

Sherie Barnes

Norman Ephithite


Leah Zotiades

Jessie Crescent




Kirsten Grant

Alyson Dunne

Shelagh T