Student Success Stories – Beginners Acrylic – Teacup Study

Student Success Stories – Beginners Acrylic – Teacup Study

Below is a gallery of students’ work inspired by the Teacup Study in The Absolute Beginners Acrylic Course.

The teacup study is the final project in the course and represents the culmination of the knowledge imparted on this journey for beginners in acrylic painting. If you’ve completed the study from the course yourself, drop me an email, and I’ll add it to the page!

Michelle Rudd

Karen Bohan

Jennifer Maybery

Peony Lim

Karen Drake

Linda Hawke -Lovely gestural marks in the foreground

Martin Barge

Amanda Veal

Dianne McDonald

Joanne Fielding

Judy Wrightson

Michael Hancock

Terri Fey

Patricia Spencer

Jennifer Cantell

Irina Eide

Sherie Barnes

Sheila Newlands

Peter White

Peter Ballantyne

Norbert teacup

Lena Sharp

Kirsten Grant

Karen Bourchier

Jessie Crescent


Elizabeth Johnson



Capucine Coninx

Capucine’s Mother

Camille Dufour