Student Success – A Cornish Seascape

Student Success – A Cornish Seascape

Below is a gallery of students’ work that has been inspired by my acrylic painting training:  A Cornish Seascape Course.

As you can see, the results so far are great. It’s always a moment of reflection to see how far my students have developed with my courses.If you’ve completed the painting yourself, drop me an email, and I’ll add it to the page!

Stella Li

Francis Foley

Joyce Culwell

Pam Strachan

Richard Clarke – (Richard used Water-mixable oils to follow the course)

Suzanne Hirschberg Kane

Tana Shanagher

Mark Sellers

Grace Hanney

Inge Heynderickx

Dee Hazell

Hermie Steenkamp

Neil Collins

Peter Ballantyne

Sue Boulton

Terill Mensah

Cynthia LeBlanc

Peony Lim

Peter Manley

Joos Priem

Victoria Keeble

Ron Osborne

Nick Fletcher

Mary Tabor

Glenn Moodie

Sally Anne Cameron

Julie Johnson

John Bottone 

Carla Zainie

Julia Eichenberger

Patricia Spencer

David Wilkinson

Derek Allan

Carminia Gutierrez

Steve Riley

Anne Wilkinson

Paddy Wilkinson

Alison Kemp

Pam Mason

Lenore Robson

Gail Greenwood

Barbara Magor

Carmen Martin

Anita Hawksworth

Andre Wattie

Barbara Magor

Veva Shepard

Linda Gillin

Paul Shearwood

Tobias Lupo