I only paint with Acrylics, can this course be applied to Acrylics?

Mmm, it’s a tricky one. In theory, yes. Although in practice, I wouldn’t recommend this particular course with acrylics.


It’s all about a balance between having enough time to soften and blend the modeling of the face without feeling like your glazing layers are taking weeks and weeks to complete.

Due to the speed of the drying of the acrylics, they could appear to be the perfect choice of paints for glazing, however, when you’re first starting portraiture it’s easier to have more blending time to model the Grisaille underpainting accurately.

That’s not to say I don’t use acrylics at all on the course, on the coloured ground and for some sections of the hair I demonstrate how you can incorporate acrylics into your underpainting, but sticking to oils for the Grisaille of the face will give you the best results.

If you work small and paint quickly, you could adapt the techniques to acrylics, but if you’re new to portraits you would get more realistic results, more easily with oils.

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