How much will the water-mixable oil course cost in materials?

It depends.

I don’t use a specific beginners starter set for the course.

The materials that best suit you will vary depend on your sensitivity to mediums and how you prefer to paint.

I demonstrate with a wide range of different materials to show the options that are available so you can make descions based on your own preferences, sensitivites and working style.

I use artist quality paints, which are initially more expensive than student grade, but offer a higher pigment to oil ratio.

I also show how they compare to acrylics, so also list the acrylics in the materials list.

However, as a start, the three painting demonstrations could be completed using a Cobra (from Royal Talens) starter set. (10 x 40ml tubes)
A small bottle of water-mixable thinner and water-mixable linseed oil from the Artisan range from Winsor & Newton, to be able to practice mixing medium ratios.

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