Can I download the courses onto my own DVD?

Yes, however, not all DVD players will playback MP4 video files.

Many DVD players will say MP4 on the front tray, for example, ‘DVD/Audio CD/DivX/MP4/MP3/’

There are a couple of options if your DVD player does not support MP4s

1. Playback the DVD on your computer or laptop

Check you are using a DVD-R disc, a CD-R will often just record the audio.

If you burn the MP4 files onto a DVD and then play the DVD on your computer or laptop it should play without a problem if you have a media player that supports MP4s.

(If you need to update your media player, you can download a good one here:

VLC media player (free) VLC Media Player

2. DVD playback on a DVD player with a file Converter

Some older DVD player do not support MP4 because MP4 is a format with different decodes. If you have an older DVD player you will have to convert the files using free software.

The MP4 to DVD converter from is a good choice.

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