Let’s get downloading!

Q. I’ve bought the course, now what do I do?

When you purchase the course, after a few seconds you’ll be redirected to a download page containing all the video links and pdf files for the course.

You will also be emailed your link to the download files. (see below)

Q. What if I can’t see the email with the links?

  • If you can’t see the email in your inbox check the spam folder.
  • If still no good check any other email addresses that might be associated with your Paypal account.
  • If you still can’t see them drop me an email.

Q. I’ve found the email with the links, what’s next?

email link page

 This is an example of what the link looks like in your email.

If you click the blue link in your email, you will be sent to a page with all the video links to the course.

download page with links on

This is an example of a page with the download links on.

Important: You then have to download and save the Video Lessons onto your home computer.

Once you have saved the files, you can watch them as many times as you like, whenever you like – forever!

Please note: If you don’t save the links to your hard drive, after you click each link more than 9 times it will expire.

I have never downloaded anything before – how do I do it?

Don’t worry! Depending on whether you have a P.C, Mac or an iPad you have to do slightly different things:

If you have a P.C

Hover the mouse over the orange ‘click here’ link and ‘right-click’ your mouse. There will be an option that says ‘Save Link as’.
Click this option and a box should come up saying where do you want to save the files (e.g, desktop, whatever your files names are called)

Decide where to save them and then the file should start to download, it might take 10 minutes before it downloads fully (depending on your internet speed)

If you have a Mac

Click the ‘click here’ link.
 It will give you the option to ‘Open with’ or ‘Save file’. You want to click ‘Save as’ and the file will download into your downloads.

If you’re using the Safari browser it will continue the downloads if there is a break in internet connection without restarting the whole download, can be handy if your connection is a little temperamental for the longer videos.

If you have an iPad

Firstly, I would recommend you download a copy of the files onto a desktop or laptop (if you have one) just so you have a copy downloaded.

On an iPad you have a couple of options, either to transfer the files via iTunes or use a free app called ‘Documents’

How to Download to an iPad using iTunes

If you have a Mac computer you can:
1. Download the files to your desktop (or find the ones you’ve already saved)
2. Plug in iPad to Mac
3. Open iTunes
4. Drag MP4′s (video files of the course) on the Mac into TV shows or Movies folder
5. To Play on iPad open the Videos App then look under TV shows or Movies
6. The MP4 video files from the course should play fine.
If you’re on a PC you can download iTunes here and go through the same process.

How to Download to an iPad using the free ‘Documents’ App


You won’t be able to download the files directly onto your iPad without using an app.

The Documents app is a recent app that has an inbuilt web browser that you can download video links and pdfs through. (there are other apps that do the same thing but I’ve found this one quite easy to use)

  • Firstly, install the app, then:
Step 1. Open the Documents app.
Then click on the Web Browser from within the app.
Step 2: Using the Browser from within the app go into your email account, and open up the email with the video links.
Then click on the blue email link.
Step 4: When you click on the link it will open a new page listing all the files for the course.
Click the first ‘Click here’ button.
links in documents app
Step 5: A box will show up showing the name of the files and ask where you want to save it.
I click the ‘Documents’ button and save the file in a folder called ‘Downloads’ (You can rename the folder to whatever you like)
Downloading files to an ipad
Step 6: Then click Done.
The screen will turn black & white whilst it starts to download.
downloading file to documents folder
Step 7: The file will start to download, now click the home button on the top left.
downloads folder Documentshome
Step 8: Then click the ‘Documents’ tab.
Then click the ‘Downloads’ folder
documents foldersmall
You’ll see the video downloading.
The file isn’t fully downloaded until you see an image from the video.
Click the image of the video to play the file.
documents video app
Whoo hoo, you’re done! You can now watch the video as many times as you like. Just repeat the process for the other files.
You can see a video step-by-step here of using the Documents app (if you skip to 1 min 19 sec on the video it shows how to use the browser function within the app)

Q. I’ve downloaded the files but the video stops playing half-way through, what’s wrong?

Check the end of the video file name, It should say .mp4

If it says.mp4.part it means that the file has only partly downloaded.

Go back to the email you received with the links and click that video to start a fresh download.

Q. I am having trouble downloading the links. Do I need a particular program for this?

The video files (called a mp4 file) need a video player to play them.
 You should have a video player on your computer, it’s often called a media player.

If you have earlier software that doesn’t have a media player, you can download one for free.

Windows 7 can sometimes not read MP4 files, but if you download a free media player that will solve the problem.

Apple Quicktime
http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download  or

VLC media player (also free) VLC Media Player 


Once it is installed on your computer you should be able to view the videos.

Q. I am getting the message: File could not be saved, because the source file could not be read. Try again later, or contact the server administrator.

What does this mean?

This error can occur if the connection to the server was interrupted during the download. Make sure you are connected to the internet, then try the download again.

If the problem persists, try using alternative browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer.

This usually only happens when using a Firefox browser.

Q. I’ve burned the downloads to a DVD but it won’t play on my DVD player!

Check you are using a DVD-R disc, a CD-R will often just record the audio
. Check your DVD player can playback MP4 files. Some DVD players won’t play back MP4 files but pretty much all computers will.

Q. I’m downloading the PDF file but it’s not showing up.

To view the PDF you need Adobe reader (also free to download)

Sometimes the PDF’s can take 10 minutes or so to show up as they are large files and contain hi-resolution images, so download it and go and have a cup of tea and come back 10 minutes later.

Q. The download links have expired, what can I do?

Each individual link gives you 9 attempts to download it, if you have had problems and clicked it 9 times or just watched it 9 times without downloading and saving it, it will say link expired.

Just email me at willkempartschool@gmail.com and I can resend them through.

If your problem hasn’t been answered above, then drop me an email and I’ll soon get you painting (I’ve yet to have a download that hasn’t been solved!)

P.S. If it’s in the middle of the night U.K time (G.M.T) I’ll get on the case as soon as I’ve eaten my toast!