Beginners Acrylic Impressionistic Seascape Course


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Do you want to paint with Acrylics but don’t know where to begin?

Whether you’re just learning how to paint or wanting to gain confidence in a new medium.

Many of my students struggle to create landscape paintings that have that ‘impressionistic’ quality and gestural brush marks.

I want to help you achieve your true potential as an artist, so I’ve created a comprehensive 1 1/2 hour downloadable video course (this is not a DVD– it is a downloadable movie file with PDF reference photo) to teach you the secrets of stunning landscapes.

The Acrylic Impressionistic Seascape Course takes you through, step-by-step how to create a lovely painterly seascapes using classical painting techniques with Acrylic Paint, alongside a material list.

Simple Step-by-step Beginners Acrylic Painting Course

Part 1. Painting with a Limited Palette

  • Start using 2 colours and white to establish a classical underpainting.
  • Learn how Acrylics can be painted thinly like Watercolours and thick Impasto like Oils.
  • Loose free-flowing brush marks to create an impressionistic feel.

In Part 1, you’ll use a limited palette of just 3 colours plus white, anyone can do it!

Not only will you learn how the Old masters started their paintings but you will also discover how to create an impressionistic feel in your work using only 2 brushes!

Part 2. Introducing Vibrancy and detail

  • How to choose the right pigments to add vibrancy to your painting
  • See how easy it is to change the mood of your painting with Acrylics
  • Learn how to balance a tonal underpainting with a vivid sky

In Part 2, we learn how vibrancy and freshness can be easily introduced, just by adding the right pigment and instantly change the mood of a painting.

Part 3. Colour Matching with a Full Palette

  • Mastering a Full palette of 5 colours plus white
  • Learn how to mix and match colours accurately
  • How using the ‘right’ white in your painting can make a big difference

In the final Part 3,  we introduce a full palette and learn the process of mixing and matching accurate colours using our reference photo as our guide.

This skill is invaluable and will set you in good stead for any future painting you do.

simple step by step Acrylic Seascape course

The 3 stages of the painting

Developing your artists style

When you’re first learning to paint you can often get distracted by the details, by taking an impressionistic approach it can help you to ‘loosen up’ and create expression in your paintings.

The problem with learning to paint is, where do you begin when you’ve got so many ideas but don’t know where to start?

So when you attempt your first painting more often than not, you use too many colours – too soon, resulting in paintings that fall short of your expectations.

The acrylics dry too quickly and you just can’t get the blending or the colour mixing right.

What’s worse, you don’t know how to fix it.

This 3 part video will provide you with a great introduction to creating professional, expressive, impressionistic seascapes in Acrylics.

You’ll learn classical principles that are the building blocks of all great paintings alongside invaluable tips that I use in my every day painting practice.

Here is a couple of recent quotes from my students:

“I bought Wills seascape lesson – I have seen many artists on youtube and very few lessons unless you buy buy buy – but Will – you share more then you take my money – not only am I impressed with that – I learnt more in your seascape about colour and limited palette and tonal value then I have ever learnt from anyone. With your teaching I can go on to create my own works – you are an awesome person and artist and teacher – thankyou”

“Hi Will, I like the Seascape course and it has given me a lot of insights in the working process when painting in acrylics…I like to thank you for sharing so much valuable information, it is so generous of you! You have so much high quality advice for aspiring artists on this site and it’s just great to have found it.”

£12.50/ $19.99/ €15

The downloads require broadband and can take about 10 minutes to download.

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£7.50GBP / $ 11USD / 11EUR / $ 15CAD / $ 16AUD
£12.50GBP / $ 19USD / 18EUR / $ 25CAD / $ 26AUD
(exchange rates may vary slightly)

So how does it work?

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  • You can then download the video tutorials onto your home computer.
  • Once downloaded you can burn them onto your own DVD to play away from the computer if you paint somewhere else in the house.
  • I’ve tried to make all the videos as user friendly as possible so they are designed to be watched in chronological order. This way you won’t be able to get lost.

Can I download the videos to my ipad?

On an ipad

Firstly, I would download the files onto a desktop or laptop if you have one, just so you have a copy of the files.

Then you have a couple of options, either to transfer via iTunes or to purchase an app on the ipad.

Transferring files via iTunes

To transfer onto your ipad you have a couple of options:
The first is to transfer via iTunes
If you have a Mac you can:
1. Download the files to your desktop (or find the ones you’ve already saved)
2. Plug in iPad to Mac
3. Open iTunes
4. Drag MP4′s (video files of the course) on the Mac into TV shows or Movies
5. To Play on ipad open the Videos App then look under TV shows or Movies
6. The MP4 video files from the course should play fine.
If you’re on a PC you can download iTunes here and go through the same process.

Use a separate app

If you have an ipad the below video shows you the app ‘Goodreader’ you need to be able to download the video files onto your ipad. (the second half of the video talks about specifics for direct download onto ipad)

Here is a Downloading help page that goes through the process.

Please note: Without the app you won’t be able to download and save the videos directly to your ipad.

If you have an ipad the below video shows you the app you need to be able to download the video files directly to your ipad.

Can I download the video files and put them onto my own DVD to watch on a DVD player?

Yes, you can download the files onto a DVD, however, not all DVD players will playback Mp4 files.

There are a couple of options:

1. DVD playback on another computer:

If you burn the MP4 files onto a DVD and then play the DVD in another computer or laptop it should play without a problem if you have an up to date media player that supports MP4s. 

(If you need an up to date media Player you can download one here: VLC media player (also free) VLC Media Player

2. DVD playback on a DVD player with a file Converter

It all depends if your DVD player supports MP4 video files.

Many DVD players will say MP4 on the front tray, for example ‘DVD/Audio CD/DivX/MP4/MP3/’

Some older DVD player do not support MP4 because MP4 is a format with different decodes.

If you have an older DVD player you will have to convert the files using free software.

The MP4 to DVD converter from is a good choice.

So after all that technical stuff we can now get painting!

 Happy Painting!!